Fitesa Anticipates Demand for more Sustainable Nonwovens

Fitesa Anticipates Demand for more Sustainable Nonwovens

Simpsonville, SC, October 19, 2021 – Fitesa announced today the investment in a new multibeam Reicofil 5 line in Europe with start-up planned in the second quarter of 2023. The new machine will be installed in one of Fitesa’s current facilities in the region and will be equipped to produce Full High Loft and standard spunmelt products, using a variety of sustainable raw materials including bioPE and PLA.

“This line will be a state-of-the art machine capable of serving the growing demand for sustainable spunmelt products.”, says Michael Baumgartner, Fitesa’s Senior Vice President for Europe & China. He continues: “Once the machine is online, we will ramp up production from our pilot lines which significantly increases our ability to supply the market with softer products and increased circular and green content produced locally in Europe.”

According to Fernanda Gastal, Fitesa’s Vice President of Procurement and Marketing and Head of the company’s ESG Committee: “This investment is part of our strategic direction that will contribute to change the sustainability profile of the spunmelt industry. It should be seen as one of three pillars where we believe we can make a significant impact: innovative technology offering, environmentally friendly raw materials and reduction of GHG emissions in our operations”.

Fitesa is an industry leader in sustainable products. The company has been producing nonwovens from biobased polymers since the early 2010’s and was awarded for its 100% biobased spunbond materials. Fitesa Sweden recently received the ISCC Plus certification, which endorses the company’s ability to commercialize biobased and circular materials under the mass balance concept. “We feel responsible and capable of making a valuable contribution to the environment. Our expertise and innovation centers through the use of sustainable raw materials and processes add value to our customer’s initiatives.”, says Anders Fogelberg, Global Safety, Quality, HSE and Management System Global Director, who spoke at Outlook Europe about choosing nonwovens based on the CO2 footprint throughout the product’s lifecycle.

About Fitesa: Fitesa is one of the world’s largest nonwovens and films manufacturers that specializes in the development of innovative solutions for the hygiene and healthcare markets by utilizing a broad range of technologies, including spunbond, spunmelt, meltblown, carded, airlaid, films and elastics. Headquartered in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Fitesa employs over 2,600 people in 23 manufacturing locations across 13 countries: Brazil, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Sweden, Thailand, UAE and USA. For more information about Fitesa and its products, visit

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