Frank Baker Associates Launches New Website

Frank Baker Associates Launches New Website

For the past year, Frank Baker & Associates, LLC has been providing clients in the nonwovens and filtration industries with contracted consulting services. Clients have been very receptive to the services offered by the company, which include strategic planning, new product and new business development, analytical services, process engineering, nonwovens and filtration R&D as well as training and support services.

With the continued growth of the business, the company recently moved to create a user-friendly website ( for its clients which describes the services offered. The website also includes testimonials from previous and existing customers, and offers additional information including patents held by the principal of the company.

Together with the website, Frank Baker has launched a blog called “Tech Tidbits” which will offer valuable technical information to visitors.

For more information, please contact Frank Baker.

About Frank Baker

Frank Baker has more than 20 years of experience in technical nonwovens product development and commercialization.

Before he founded Frank Baker & Associates, LLC in November 2013, Baker was a Senior Research Fellow for Fiberweb Nonwovens; during his tenure there, he demonstrated his leadership and project management skills throughout the organization, working with multi-functional teams including R&D, manufacturing,strategic business units, product development and IT.

Contact Information

Phone: 615-499-1775
Company: Frank Baker & Associates, LLC