Freudenberg at Intertextile in Shanghai: Apparel Trends Inspiring New Products

Freudenberg at Intertextile in Shanghai: Apparel Trends Inspiring New Products

Colours for transparent fabrics offer many possibilities for designers’ dreams

Hong Kong/Weinheim, October 4, 2013. With an extended colour range for transparent fabrics for womenswear, Freudenberg & Vilene International Ltd. gives more options to designer dreams. Bi-elastic and lightweight interlinings for womenswear as well as ultralight canvases for menswear respond to the general trend towards more freedom of movement in the apparel industry.

Freudenberg & Vilene International Ltd. is presenting its innovative solution portfolio: A lightweight bi-elastic interlining is available in 16 colours for transparent fabrics for womenswear. This offers many more possibilities to designers creating fashionable garments. Ronnie Lee, Market Segment Manager for womenswear at Freudenberg & Vilene explains that “it was the current trend towards more freedom of movement in the apparel industry which inspired us to create light and bi-elastic materials”.

Freudenberg’s interlining portfolio includes virtually all inner components needed for menswear: fusible and sew-in interlinings, tailoring tapes, pre-formed components, felts & waddings. These are only some examples of the extended range. Responding to the consumer demand for light and soft tailored garments, Freudenberg offers the “Light Touch” range of Marelli & Berta’s ultralight polyester canvases. “Light Touch” canvases create breathable, eco-friendly chestpieces without risk of hair migration, ideal for tailored jackets. As Simon Fong, Market Segment Manager – Menswear observes: “We’ve had great response to these canvases not only from major international buyers, as you might expect, but increasingly from the upcoming China domestic brands, which are enjoying strong growth these days.”

Special adhesives for easier processing
With the new PinBond Direct Coat production capability, PinBond adhesives can be printed directly onto customers fabrics. Printing of the adhesives directly onto fabrics benefits apparel manufacturers because it eliminates the time and labor required for the transfer process. This new production capability is located at the Freudenberg & Vilene factory in Nantong, China. According to Ronnie Lee, “the Direct Coat system is a cost effective and efficient way for large scale garment manufactures to use our PinBond products. PinBond bonds fabrics together while maintaining their original softness, stretch & recovery, and breathability. These characteristics make it ideal for sportswear and intimate apparel.

For improved performance through wet processing treatments on sensitive fabrics the company has developed “EE” adhesives on a variety of base materials. Before a garment has its final form, it often has to go through up to 20 post processing steps. With the new “EE” adhesives, the interlinings offer excellent performance, even when fused at mild temperatures or dyed using extremely high temperature conditions.

Vilene® – the safe choice
Beyond a wide range of interlining products, Freudenberg & Vilene offers an extended service portfolio to its customers, providing not only product recommendations, but also technical insight and troubleshooting related to interlining application and garment construction. Managing Director Dr. Alexander Rozmán, highlights the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for Freudenberg & Vilene: “They are one of the main pillars of our portfolio, emphasizing our philosophy and the ECO commitment of our company”. Having one contact person at Freudenberg for all inner components of garments, customers effectively have a 1-stop shop for customized solutions. Textile compliance, including interlining, is of critical importance to ensure the safety of garment workers and end-consumers alike. All Vilene fusible interlinings are certified to meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class I or Class II. Product certifications are renewed on a yearly basis.

The recent product range will be shown at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics Fair: 21 to 24 October, booth W1C18/D21.

About Freudenberg & Vilene International Ltd.
Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company has become a market leader for apparel interlinings in Asia, offering a product range including nonwoven, woven, and knit interlinings, wadding, canvas & haircloth, shoulder pads, sleeveheads, chestpieces, and tapes of all types. Recognized around the world, the Vilene brand stands for performance, compliance, and solutions. The company manufactures interlining in China, India, Taiwan, and Korea. At present, approximately 790 associates are working throughout Asia in 24 sales offices in 14 countries. 15 application studios throughout the region provide complete technical support to customers needing interlining recommendations, fusing process audits, and interlining training seminars. The headquarters in Hong Kong employs 157 office & warehouse associates. The company is a joint venture between Japan Vilene Company and Freudenberg Nonwovens – the world’s largest producer of nonwovens, with 21 manufacturing and processing sites in 13 countries. In the 2012 financial year, Freudenberg Nonwovens employed 3,000 people and generated sales of €650 million.

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Freudenberg at Intertextile in Shanghai: Apparel Trends Inspiring New Products Freudenberg at Intertextile in Shanghai: Apparel Trends Inspiring New Products Freudenberg at Intertextile in Shanghai: Apparel Trends Inspiring New Products

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