Increased safety for lithium-ion batteries

Increased safety for lithium-ion batteries

Freudenberg Performance Materials will be presenting an innovative solution for e-mobility from May 15-18 2018 at the Battery Show Europe in Hanover/Germany.

Weinheim/Germany, 3 May 2018. Due to the rise of e-mobility, the market for larger lithium-ion batteries is growing rapidly. In this context, high performance and safety are of great importance. With its ultra-thin polyester nonwoven structure, the ceramic-impregnated, Safety Separator from Freudenberg Performance Materials targets precisely these properties. Freudenberg Performance Materials can be found at the Battery Show Europe on stand 256 (joint stand with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies).

Stable even at high temperatures

In contrast to conventional membranes such as polyolefin films, the Safety Separator remains stable even at temperatures of up to several hundred degrees Celsius and does not shrink. The ceramic impregnation also ensures that the porosity of the separator is maintained at high temperatures. In addition, it is significantly less sensitive to mechanical stress in the battery application than conventional products.

Efficient battery cell production A further benefit is that using the Safety Separator helps to improve the production process of lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to its mechanical flexibility, it can be processed as a drop-in component using traditional production techniques, as well as in next-generation cell technologies such as stacking technology. The production of the battery cell can also be carried out at higher temperatures. This improves drying and the separator can be dried with the electrodes in one process step. and the separator accelerates the impregnation with electrolytes.

More safety for the cells

The Safety Separator additionally improves the safety of cells that have a high energy density and contain nickel- and/or silicon-rich electrodes. This means that they are ready for use in future generations of battery technology.

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