Jacob Holm Expands Capacity by 500 Million m2 Per Year

Jacob Holm Expands Capacity by 500 Million m2 Per Year

Basel, Switzerland, June 15, 2020 – Thanks to extensive work by our team members globally, Jacob Holm has completed a thorough review of all production lines to identify capacity increase opportunities that are aligned with market demand. The subsequent investment program “Project Boost” has been approved by the Board of Directors. Implementation began in May 2020, and the project is expected to be completed by Q2 2022. Jacob Holm intends to leverage learnings from market studies and several key proprietary technology advances to fast-track implementation.

“After a detailed analysis of market and business needs, we completed a reorganization in 2019 into clearly defined business units and significantly strengthened our executive management group with the addition of three new positions. I am very proud to see recognition of the efforts of this new team by the Board of Directors with their approval of Project Boost,” said Martin Mikkelsen, CEO.

The Project Boost investment program is significant in scope, affecting all production lines of the company across all global production sites. The investment is expected to lead to the creation of at least 57 new full-time positions across the group’s global manufacturing footprint.

True to Jacob Holm’s commitment to sustainability, the investment will target a clear upgrade of the capabilities for utilizing renewable raw materials. Additionally, the upgraded production methodology will further reduce waste and improve production efficiency, thus lowering the carbon footprint of the entire Jacob Holm and Sontara® product portfolios.

“Project Boost is our response to the needs of our partners across the globe for increasing capacity, providing more sustainable substrate choices and continuing to uphold our position as an innovation leader in nonwovens,” said Mikkelsen.

About Jacob Holm: Founded in 1794, Jacob Holm is a leading manufacturer of spunlace nonwovens with global production facilities and sales and service support worldwide. Using proprietary technology for high-demand applications, Jacob Holm products offer unique features ideal for the cleaning requirements of the quality-conscious user. For more information, visit


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