Jacob Holm “Project Boost” Expansion Complete, Dispersible Nonwovens Capacity Increased

Jacob Holm “Project Boost” Expansion Complete, Dispersible Nonwovens Capacity Increased

Basel, Switzerland, August 31, 2021 – The investment program “Project Boost,” announced by Jacob Holm in Q2 2020, has been fully implemented for the proprietary Jacob Holm dispersible wipes production line in Candler, NC. Construction and capital expansion began in May 2020, and finished in Q2 2021 as scheduled.

“Project Boost is our response to the needs of our partners who look to our technical expertise and unique process technology to develop winning solutions in the dispersible wipes marketplace. We are proud to announce increased capacity to support their specific processes and needs and to expand our sustainable footprint,” said Martin Mikkelsen, CEO of Jacob Holm Group.

The Project Boost investment program set out to increase sustainable nonwovens production through increased ability to run renewable raw materials, decreased waste and improved efficiency, thus lowering the carbon footprint of the entire Jacob Holm product portfolio. These goals have been met, and products made on the dispersible wipes line continue to push the boundaries of dispersibility in the industry. The SoftFlush® product portfolio consistently outperforms best-in-class standards, when used with compatible lotion solutions and packaging.

“Jacob Holm is committed to working with our customers to continue our legacy of innovation and remain on the cutting edge of dispersibility. We are deeply appreciative to our teams for their work bringing this project to life so that we can fulfill our ambition,” said Mikkelsen.

About Jacob Holm: Founded in 1794, Jacob Holm is a leading manufacturer of spunlace nonwovens with global production facilities and sales and service support worldwide. Using proprietary technology for high-demand applications, Jacob Holm products offer unique features ideal for the cleaning requirements of the quality-conscious user. For more information, visit


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