Lenzing presents new study on the use of TENCEL® in hygiene products

Lenzing presents new study on the use of TENCEL® in hygiene products

At the “Outlook in Barcelona” conference, Lenzing shared results of consumer tests using TENCEL® BIOSOFT, an ultra-soft hydrophobic Lyocell fiber type, in the top-sheet of incontinence products.

In cooperation with the German company, Hygiene Technologie GmbH, Lenzing conducted a wear test which was analyzed by the Austrian Research Institute, Joanneum Research ForschungsGmbH. Fifty-three people tested an incontinence product with a top-sheet of 100% polypropylene and one with a top-sheet of a TENCEL® BIOSOFT blend for four weeks each.

The result was unequivocal: the TENCEL® BIOSOFT blend was awarded top marks. The performance of the product itself was given a positive rating as were the properties which led to a better feeling on the skin. One point particularly worthy of mention was that when using the TENCEL® BIOSOFT product the likelihood of sleeping through the night rose quite clearly (by approximately 10%) for those participating since this product needed to be changed less frequently due to the additional wear comfort.

Therefore, using TENCEL® BIOSOFT translates directly into improved incontinence products. “A survey of affected parties revealed that among otherwise healthy human beings, the burden of incontinence leads to restrictions in everyday life and each improvement in this situation positively impacts well-being ,” Elisabeth Stanger, Global Director of Hygiene at Lenzing, explains.

The study will be presented at the upcoming conferences: “Insight Conference” from October 20-23 in Indianapolis USA and at “Outlook Asia” from November 26-27 in Singapore.

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