M33 Hires VP of LTL Procurement Jeremy Strasser

M33 Hires VP of LTL Procurement Jeremy Strasser

Greenville, SC — October 27, 2014 — M33 Integrated, a lead logistics provider of technology, tools and intelligence that work to reduce costs and automate logistics, announced today that Jeremy Strasser is joining M33 as the new Vice President of Less-than-Truckload (LTL) Procurement. Previously, Jeremy was in charge of procurement solutions for 3PLogic, a company owned by Transportation Solutions Group.

“Jeremy brings a wealth of leadership, experience and energy to M33,” noted Sammy Riddle, Senior Partner at M33. “With Jeremy and other recent hires, we can build on the company’s existing strengths and develop new strategies with fresh ideas and perspectives that will ensure future sustainability and growth. This is an exciting time to be at M33.”

Jeremy has a solid background in LTL and Procurement, and has been awarded top leadership positions over the years. Prior to his position as VP of Supply Chain Solutions, Jeremy excelled as the Director of LTL Services, also with Transportation Solutions Group, where he was responsible for developing a competitive LTL offering to current and prospective customers. His proven track record and honed skills are a perfect marriage for the developing strengths of M33.

M33 Integrated provides a strategic network of global partners and sophisticated technology tools to optimize global supply chain management. With one of the only live support teams in the industry and a proprietary transportation technology platform, M33 provides unmatched logistics solutions. M33’s capacity program, mCap™, maximizes truckload and backhaul opportunities while closely tracking and predicting market rate fluctuations. Utilizing an innovative co-management approach that seamlessly integrates with a shipper’s supply chain, M33 enables its customers to focus on core competencies and revenue growth.

M33 continues to establish its leadership in securing and managing capacity for their shipping partners in tight market conditions through mCap™. The continued investment in bringing seasoned leadership and technology will pay strong dividends for M33’s shipping partners through expanded capacity and favorable rates.


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