Miller Weldmaster Partners with New Distributor in South Africa

Miller Weldmaster Partners with New Distributor in South Africa

In response to growing regional demand for quality vinyl materials and specialty products, particularly tents, Miller Weldmaster has partnered with a new South Africa-based distributor, Intamarket Graphics.

Navarre, OH (PRWEB) January 30, 2013

Miller Weldmaster, the First Choice Globally for all industrial fabric welding solutions, has partnered with a new distributor in South Africa. The manufacturer signed a new distributor partnership with Intamarket Graphics, a national supplier of quality vinyl materials and specialty products in the signage and graphics industry, in December 2013. Miller Weldmaster looks forward to this partnership, its development, and how it will meet the growing regional market demand for multiple industries including: banners, covers, ducting, filtration, geomembranes, tarps, tents, and more.

Shortly after securing its new partnership, Intamarket Graphics made its first sale of a Miller Weldmaster machine in the tent industry. Demand for tents has been growing within Africa, as tents enjoy applications in multiple sectors. Those include being used by nongovernmental organizations and humanitarian groups in their various services, by metals and minerals exploration and development companies for staff living and dining quarters, by families and business owners for storage facilities, and even by professionals for parties and social functions.

“I am excited to have Intamarket distribute Miller Weldmaster’s products in Southern Africa,” said Ricardo Galligani, International Sales Manager at Miller Weldmaster. “With 20 years of experience in the region, Intamarket will provide excellent local sales and technical support to all users of Miller Weldmaster’s welders.”

Intamarket Graphics offers a wide range of quality vinyl materials and specialized products for various markets. Leveraging its 20 years of service, it has established itself as a leading supplier to multiple clients within many industries. Like Miller Weldmaster, Intamarket Graphics seeks to offer its clients value through a blend of high-grade products and unparalleled customer service.

Miller Weldmaster looks forward to a great start in 2014 with its new distribution partner, as well as with all of its distribution partners across the globe.

About Miller Weldmaster Corporation
Miller Weldmaster, the First Choice Globally of all industrial fabric welding solutions, has offered rotary hot air, hot wedge, and impulse welding equipment to the industrial fabric and thermoplastics industries for forty years. A recipient of the 2013 President’s “E” Award for Excellence in Exporting, Miller Weldmaster has developed many of the first advancements in heat sealing technology for the fabrication and automation of various products from awnings to truck tarpaulins and even inflatable boats. The company’s record of industrial “firsts” demonstrates its ability to research, design, and build solutions using the most current and innovative features of the industry. With machines in over 100 nations around the world and distributors in 20 countries, Miller Weldmaster is a leading international manufacturer and provider of solutions for plastic welding machines, with a commitment to customer satisfaction. The company is headquartered in Navarre, Ohio, USA.

About Intamarket Graphics
Intamarket Graphics is a premier supplier of quality vinyl materials and specialty products, with a particular emphasis on the signage and graphics industry. For 20 years, the company has have succeeded in blending internationally leading products with excellent service, ensuring that its clients receive the care which they deserve. As a complement to its wide product range, Intamarket Graphics has branches nationwide to ensure clients receive sales, service and technical support. For more information, please visit:

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