Mogul is investing in meltblown

Mogul is investing in meltblown

Baspinar-Gaziantep, Turkey, November 6, 2020 – As a leading global player in the meltblown market since its investment in this technology in the year 2000, Mogul has 4 lines in operation. Mogul has invested in 2 new lines due to a strong demand from PPE applications in the pandemic period to meet the extra demand in addition to our regular business.

The Mogul Gaziantep facility will house these new investments. Both lines are 160 cm wide in 15-100 gr range. With electrostatic charge capabilities, the lines will meet N95 and higher efficiency masks and high efficiency filter applications, as well as other industrial applications.

The first line will start by January 2021 and the second line will start around June 2021.


About Mogul

Mogul is a privately held company based Turkey employıng an international staff of over 400 employees. Established by Ekrem Kayali in 1997 to manufacture nonwoven products it was the first company in Turkey to produce spunbond and meltblown fabrics. The company quickly expanded its sales to include the EU and USA markets and today Mogul supplies a diverse range of nonwoven rolled goods for a wide range of application on a global basis. In recognition of this success Mogul has twice received the coveted ‘IDEA Achievement in Entrepreneurship’ award by INDA. The 2001 award recognized its rapid business growth while the 2016 award was in recognition for investment in leading edge process technology.

Mogul strives to be strong in diversity and support its customers in a reliable and sustainable manner. Products include nonwoven fabrics from polymer based filaments (mono-component and bi-component) and spunlace fabrics (parallel laid and cross-lapped) made from natural and synthetic staple fibers. Additional value added is achieved by chemical treatment and coating to capture attributes for special applications. The Mogul team is driven to be trustworthy, responsive and dynamically entrepreneurial to improve and develop products for their customers.

Mogul ranks among the top 1000 industrial companies in Turkey and became the first member from Turkey to the European Nonwovens and Disposables Association (EDANA). Mogul is also a member of INDA and ANFA.

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