Moisture Measurement & Thickness Control

Moisture Measurement & Thickness Control

April 29, 2019 – MoistTech Corp. is the world leader in Moisture Measurement & Thickness Control utilizing Near-Infrared state-of-the-art technology to develop world class sensors. Insensitive to material variations such as particle size and material height/color, the sensors provide continuous, reliable readings with no maintenance, a one-time calibration with a non-contact, non-drift optical design allowing for immediate process adjustments based on real time measurements.

Moisture management tools such as MoistTech’s IR-3000 Online Sensor allow for moisture content to be continually monitored and adjustments made on the fly. MoistTech’s non-contact online moisture sensor provides instant measurement, thereby improving performance, reliability, and consistency.

By ensuring that textiles are neither too wet nor too dry at key points in the production process, you’ll get an end product with consistent quality as well as a cost savings from reduced waste and downtime.

Moisture measurement during the production process is critical in maintaining ideal textile quality and consistency. Moisture content varies widely in raw materials, and at different points in the production process, so non-contact moisture measurement is essential for achieving an outstanding final product.

MoistTech’s sensors feature unique technology that are able to calculate measurements through the near-infrared (NIR) region of the electromagnetic spectrum, to accurately measure and control moisture from lab to line. These advanced online sensors create a non-contact application which can process hundreds of measurements per second. These measurements result in thousands of varied applications, with MoistTech’s online sensors’ precision motivated technology offering a no-drift optical design. Their innovative sensors are designed specifically to ensure accuracy and repeatability, and in addition, there is also no need to regulate temperature control, making for even better ease of use.

  • Fewer wasted materials
  • Better quality of your final product
  • Consistency of your final product
  • Improved energy costs thanks to less downtime

No matter the stage of production, the IR-3000 measures moisture with MoistTech’s Near Infrared (NIR) technology. Engineers created algorithms, wavelengths, and sensor optical requirements to take thousands of detailed, accurate measurements per second. You can pre-set the measurement rate to match your production rate. Because there are no routine re-calibrations, this technology is low maintenance.

Installation is easy – the sensor can be mounted just a few inches above the nonwovens, and the technology will begin to work. Ethernet connections provide pathways for general information to reach the online database. Other services include operator interface and digital displays. Readings are consistent and reliable, providing an invaluable resource for your company. Alarms can trigger when readings are out of range allowing quick adjustments to be made.

The IR-3000 can be used to measure moisture levels or coating thicknesses in many applications. Typical moisture accuracy is about ± 0.05%, with coating accuracy varying from 0.1 to 0.01 micron. Typical analog range is 0-10% moisture. The outputs can be adjusted to optimize PLC or recording requirements. The IR-3000 simplifies your company’s production process and your operators’ duties, creating a better work environment for your company.

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