NeenahPure™ – GESSNER’s sustainable solutions for pocket filters

NeenahPure™ – GESSNER’s sustainable solutions for pocket filters

Feldkirchen-Westerham, Germany; 03/2024 – Our world without pocket filters would be characterized by a sharp deterioration in air quality within industrial settings and surrounding areas. Without these filters, production facilities and industrial areas would be much more contaminated with harmful particles and pollutants, which would not only endanger the health of employees and residents but would also have a serious environmental impact.

In such a scenario, we could expect more frequent and more severe pollution, which would have a negative impact on ecosystems, soils, water bodies and air quality. This could lead to a rise in disasters affecting nature and health issues, as people and animals would be exposed to more toxic substances.

Pocket filters are not only a technological innovation but also a significant contribution to the preservation of our planet and sustainable practices.

With NeenahPure™, you can make a positive impact on our environment. Our meltblown media for pleated and pocket filter applications are covering all efficiencies from ePM10 50% to ePM1 80% as per ISO 16890 standards, and M5-F9 according to EN779:2012. The combination of fine and coarse fibers ensures high separation efficiencies with low pressure drop and a good dust holding capacity.

Let’s continue to invest together in innovative technologies that help make our environment safer, cleaner & more healthier!

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Our highly engineered papers, films, nets, nonwovens, cores, tubes, and machined parts are designed and manufactured using natural fibers and polymers for a variety of industries and applications, such as Transportation Filtration, Water Filtration, Air Filtration, Industrial Processes, and Life Science. We provide our customers with essential components that enhance the performance of their products.

At our international production sites all around the world, GESSNER can develop and locally produce a wide range of materials to suit a variety of highly demanding applications. With continuous product development in close cooperation with our partners, we deliver tailor-made solutions suited for a variety of challenging end-user needs.

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