New Website about New Technology: Friction Inserts

New Website about New Technology: Friction Inserts

Weinheim, 19. October 2020. Freudenberg Performance Materials is launching its website for its innovative friction enhancement technology combining a special hard-particle coating with a unique nonwoven from Freudenberg: Friction Inserts. On the new online platform users get comprehensive information on the technology and its particular benefits for automotive, transportation and wind turbine industries.

Professionals e.g. in the automobile industry can access detailed information about the specific advantages of Friction Inserts in powertrain, chassis and engine applications. The concept of static friction coefficient increase, as well as the direct benefits of Friction Inserts for bolted joints are described in detail, with many didactic graphics and technical information. In the race for performance and downsizing, automotive engineers can find new ideas and solutions to secure bolted and press-fitted joints, which are vital parts to mechanical systems especially in e-vehicles.

“Expert corner” for even more insights

In the “Expert corner”, visitors virtually meet Friction Inserts’ expert Tobias Speth in an educational virtual animation and interview which unveils unknown aspects and prospects. Case studies provide real customer needs and experiences. For example, the use of standard wheel bearings in high-performance cars. Frequently asked questions provide additional detailed information about the implementation, technical background, and achievable results with Friction Inserts.

The website is available in English and German. General information about the automotive applications of Friction Inserts in French, Italian, Chinese and Japanese are provided in the download section.

About Friction Inserts

The innovative friction enhancement technology was acquired by Freudenberg in October 2019, and won two prestigious awards, namely: The German Innovation Award from the German Design Council in 2018 and the Materialica Design and Technology Award in 2017.

Since then, Freudenberg has set up an industrial scale production of Friction Inserts after transferring the production routine to a reliable production process complying with the group’s Health, Safety & Environment standards and the quality requirements of the automotive industry.

Friction Inserts help to increase the static friction coefficient in bolted and press-fitted joints. This allows lightweight and more compact component designs as well as the transmission of higher torque and shear forces. These features are of critical relevance in applications within e-mobility and its increasing performance requirements.


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