PFNonwovens chose A.Celli technology for its new investment in North America

PFNonwovens chose A.Celli technology for its new investment in North America

Porcari Lucca, Italy, April 21, 2022 – PFNonwovens has commissioned a new nonwovens specialty line at its center of excellence in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. This line includes multiple A.Celli nonwovens equipment components.

The production line, developed with Reicofil R5 technology, is equipped with our solutions like: • E-WIND® WAVE Master Roll winders • E-WIND® SUPER SONIC slitter rewinders with COREMATIC EVO technology

All this enhanced by our R-WAY® solution for automatic roll handling and packaging equipped with our Label Verification System, an upgrade for packaging systems with the objective to verify, by reading the labels applied to the reels and bundles, the consistency between the processes carried out by the packaging line and the actual end result of the process in terms of correct composition of each bundle. Having PFNonwovens as a partner makes us more and more proud of our technology dedicated to the nonwovens sector.

“We are the first to invest in the latest R5 machinery in the US. This investment, in combination with our unique proprietary technology, allows us to produce consumer-preferred ultra-high loft, soft and textured nonwoven fabrics. This solidifies PFN’s position as a global leader in the production of innovative spunmelt nonwoven fabrics.” said Shane Vincent, PFN Chief Commercial Officer.

PFNonwovens is a leading global producer of customized nonwoven fabrics for innovative products across multiple key markets (Baby Care, Medical, Adult Incontinence and Fem Care). The company is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, and operates five production plants worldwide: two in the Czech Republic, and one each in the United States, Egypt, and South Africa.

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