PFNonwovens launches product portfolio based on 100% renewable and compostable materials

PFNonwovens launches product portfolio based on 100% renewable and compostable materials

Prague, Czech Republic, October 10, 2023 – Global nonwoven fabric manufacturer PFNonwovens, a leading innovator in the nonwovens industry, proudly announces the launch of its newest sustainable nonwoven product portfolio based on 100% renewable resin, leveraging the latest Reicofil 5 technology. The portfolio is highlighted by a number of breakthrough materials made entirely from polylactic acid (PLA) resins. These products are setting new standards for eco-friendly spunmelt nonwovens and reinforce PFNonwovens’ commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Sustainability in Nonwovens – A Global Imperative

In an era where environmental concerns have reached critical levels, the textiles and nonwovens industries face intense pressure to bring more sustainable options to the market. The production of traditional nonwovens typically uses petroleum-based polymer resins. These resins have significant greenhouse emissions footprints and constitute most of the footprint of the produced spunmelt nonwovens. As a result, the industry has been actively seeking greener alternatives to reduce its environmental impact. Tonny de Beer, Chief Product, Technology and Sustainability Officer at PFN, commented: “This development continues PFN’s long tradition of being a leading innovator in spunbond nonwovens and reinforces our commitment to environmental sustainability and stewardship. It continues to build on the existing portfolio of solutions to meet the converters and consumer’s need for more planet friendly solutions.”

Softness Redefined: PLA-Based Nonwovens

The commercial launch of our new bio-based nonwoven products, produced from 100% PLA and enabled by the Reicofil 5 technology, is the most recent step in our drive to address environmental challenges. These innovative materials set new standards for eco-friendly spunmelt nonwovens, while delivering the performance and quality levels expected in applications such as advanced hygiene products, filtration, medical and many others. As a leading supplier to the absorbent hygiene industry, PFNonwovens recognizes the industry’s quest for softness without compromising performance, while improving the sustainability profile of the materials. Our latest response is a range of biodegradable nonwovens of unparalleled softness.   These new products composed entirely of PLA (from NatureWorks LLC) are industrially compostable and include both spunbond and SMS structures. Developing products that met the goal was a challenge and was enabled by the state-of-the-art Reicofil 5 technology. Consumers seeking the ultimate blend of comfort and biodegradability can now experience our solutions that sets a new standard in eco-friendly softness. “Developing 100% PLA spunmelt nonwovens that meet the industry expectations posed substantial challenges. PLA differs greatly from the usual polypropylene and polyethylene resins in both processing and properties. Overcoming these obstacles required intensive in-house and collaborative development work. The revolutionary Reicofil 5 technology played a pivotal role, ensuring top-notch quality, consistency, and performance in the final products.” remarked Simon Frisk, Global R&D Director at PFN, while Markus Müller, Sales Director at Reifenhäuser noted that “Reicofil is proud to have been part of such a successful development with PFN, and thank them for the continuous trust in our R&D capabilities and technology.   We look forward to the commercial success of these new and completely compostable nonwoven products”.

This new product line adds to our range of sustainable solutions, including 100% recycled raw material, negative carbon footprint products, alternative renewable resins, and development to improve end-of-life profile, and are designed to be the softest in the market and are a testament to the company’s dedication to pushing boundaries and driving positive change within the industry.

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PFNonwovens is a global leader in the manufacturing of nonwoven fabrics, catering to a wide range of industries. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, PFNonwovens delivers high-quality products and solutions that exceed customer expectations. The company’s innovative technologies and eco-friendly practices have established PFNonwovens as a trusted partner in the nonwoven industry.

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