Price Hanna Consultants Announces Release of New Sustainability Report

Price Hanna Consultants Announces Release of New Sustainability Report

Circular Polymers Outlook: Environmental Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities for the Absorbent Hygiene Products Industry

West Chester, PA, January 10, 2023 – Price Hanna Consultants LLC announced publication of a new report titled “Circular Polymers Outlook: Environmental Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities for the Absorbent Hygiene Products Industry.” It provides in-depth analysis of the unprecedented opportunities presented by advancements in plastic recycling to open a pathway to the supply of virgin-quality, circular polymers, including polyolefins. These recent developments entail arguably the most significant recent step towards achieving environmental sustainability for the AHPs industry.

The report, authored by Colin Hanna, is the second in a series of reports on environmental sustainability topics for the AHPs industry by Price Hanna Consultants LLC. It addresses several urgent questions facing the industry today:

  • How will the circular polymers derived from these advances in plastic recycling impact the supply chains of AHPs?
  • What companies have made investments or commitments to further so-called “chemical recycling” capacity for plastics?
  • What is the scope and scale of chemical recycling to produce circular polymers in the short-, mid-, and long-term?
  • How can the AHPs industry best position itself to take advantage of the new availability of a wide range of circular polymers?

The 95-page report also features:

  • Detailed analysis of investments and initiatives to increase circular polymers production capacity being made by leading petrochemical companies worldwide
  • An in-depth case study of the Houston Recycling Collaboration, which illustrates the potential of public and private sector partnerships to increase plastic recycling rates.
  • A primer on mass balance protocols that provide reliable tracking and valuation systems for circular polymers
  • Details on how dozens of leading suppliers and manufacturers in the AHPs industry are taking advantage of advances in recycling technologies, mass balance protocols, and/or circular polymers

This new report concludes with a salient analysis of the current economic, social and policy dynamics that will help determine the pace at which full implementation of solutions to plastic waste and commercial-scale production of circular polymers can be achieved. The technology and level of investment is well past the proof-of-concept and pilot stages of development. Minimum viability production economics are being achieved and scale-up will soon follow when the necessary support from social and policy factors is obtained. This report is essential to helping decision makers focus their efforts at this critical pivot point for the sustainable future of the AHPs industry.

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