RollMover™ from Appleton Mfg. Division Increases Productivity and Safety

RollMover™ from Appleton Mfg. Division Increases Productivity and Safety

March 7, 2016 (Neenah, WI): Appleton Mfg. Division’s battery-powered RollMover™ is perfect for increasing productivity and ensuring worker safety whenever heavy loads need to be moved. The material handler is ideal for moving large master rolls of: paper, plastic, film, foil, fabric, tissue, towel, nonwovens, or fiberglass mat, as well as large trucks or chassis; really anything that rolls. With the power to move loads ranging from 100 lbs to over 100,000 lbs, the RollMover™ increases productivity by preventing the need to wait for special tow trucks or moving machinery. Although featuring a durable steel frame, the RollMover™ is lightweight and compact, easy to use and simple to store. This versatile material handler prevents on-site injuries caused by pushing heavy loads, thus reducing risk and liability. The RollMover™ also increases productivity and safety by removing the need for air hoses, which have length limitations and can be a trip hazard on the work floor.

The RollMover™ comes in four different models designed to cover all needs and scenarios.

  • Standard Duty (SD) RollMover™ can safely move loads up to 6,500 pounds.
  • Heavy Duty (HD) model can manage larger loads reaching 50,000 pounds plus.
  • Extra Heavy Duty (XHD) model can manage larger loads reaching 100,000 pounds plus.
  • HD Large Roller (HDLR) model offers all the power and durability of the HD model along with a large, contoured drive wheel designed for damage-free moving of soft material rolls, including tissue and nonwovens.

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