Successful start of the anniversary year: Sandler AG again reports increase in sales

Successful start of the anniversary year: Sandler AG again reports increase in sales

March 22, 2019 – Schwarzenbach, Germany based Sandler AG again reports an increase in sales to now 322 million Euros. At the company headquarters in Schwarzenbach, 850 staff members continues to advance nonwoven solutions for construction, filtration, home textiles, hygiene, technical applications, transportation and wipes. With this positive year-end result the company strengthens its position among the largest nonwovens manufacturers worldwide. Celebrating its 140th anniversary, Sandler will continue to focus on the expansion of the two company locations in 2019.

Sandler AG continues to bank on organic growth, investing its earnings in the further development of its product and technology portfolios. In this way, the company expanded its partnerships with international industry leaders and continued the positive development of all its market segments.

In almost all areas of application, the optimum combination of comfort and function takes centre stage:

For hygiene products the trend towards thinner, softer, yet highly functional products continued in 2018. These products combine discretion and safety in use, supporting an active lifestyle at every age. In these applications nonwovens contribute to daily personal hygiene, helping to increase our comfort. Sandler nonwovens for topsheets—the layer in direct contact with the skin—are particularly soft and gentle on the skin. They are first choice also in products for sensitive skin owing to specifically selected raw materials and the regular review of the utilised materials. Applied as the layer between topsheet and absorbent core, Sandler nonwovens quickly transport fluid away from the body. Extensible nonwovens in closure systems support optimum adjustment to every movement, thereby enhancing wearing comfort. Product properties can be adapted to ideally fulfil the requirements of the specific application. Through the increasing utilisation of natural raw materials, Sandler takes account of sustainability even in disposable products for personal hygiene. Product variants made from fibres from natural sources are compostable as well as free from plastic.

In our hectic times, quiet surroundings are another key comfort factor. At the workplace as well as on the go, noise levels need to be reduced. With nonwovens for acoustic applications this objective is literally within reach. Inside their open-pore structure the soundwaves‘ energy decreases and noise levels are significantly reduced. In wall and ceiling systems, partitions, acoustically efficient wall decoration, or in door side panels, pillars, headliner and engine cover in the automobile Sandler nonwovens create a quiet atmosphere.

The Sandler team itself also benefits from the excellent sound insulation provided by nonwovens at their own workplace. By the end of 2018, the renovation of administration buildings 1 and 2 in Schwarzenbach/Saale was completed. The philosophy: conciliating spaciousness and flexibility with an environment conducive to concentration. Owing to room layouts relying solely on a combination of glass and acoustic walls the term openness does not only characterise collaboration within the Sandler team. There is no need for doors here, with nonwovens in wall and ceiling modules creating a quiet working atmosphere despite the daily hustle and bustle. Visitors are now being welcomed in a newly designed spacious reception area, with new meeting rooms and a comfortable seating area.

Sandler’s function room and company restaurant was also modernized, re-opening its doors in summer 2018. Plant-filled partitions between groups of tables create a welcoming environment, contributing to enjoyable breaks. Multi-functional in design, the newly renovated space will also be available for all sorts of events—from training courses to festive occasions.

In a special ceiling construction, Sandler nonwovens function as sound absorbers for optimum acoustics and create an individual look at the same time. A state-of-the-art lighting installation blends seamlessly into the arrangement. A colourful wall installation—created especially for Sandler by a local artist—proves that nonwoven acoustic panels can become veritable design elements through the application of various finishes such as printing, lamination or other coatings.

The renovation of both office buildings and the company restaurant involved a total investment of approximately 7 million Euros: A large-scale project that will pay off, first and foremost for the Sandler team.

This year, Sandler celebrates its 140th anniversary. A milestone for the nonwovens manufacturer, whose status as a family-owned and -operated company is increasingly becoming unique in its industry. This special occasion will be duly celebrated with business partners and officials, and especially with the Sandler staff members in spring and summer. Sandler is looking back on the successful company history with gratitude. Dynamic, innovative and with a strong team the company continuously developed further. Last year, Sandler again struck a new path, redesigning its employer brand.

In 2018, the Sandler team welcomed 30 new colleagues in Schwarzenbach—taking their first steps in working life or starting a new career chapter with Sandler. To continue to advance people and markets in the fast-paced nonwovens industry, Sandler banks on the development of junior employees and on sustainable further training. In 2018, a junior management programme was started, preparing participants for career paths in management positions. The intra-company training course “nonwovens expert”, introduced in 2011, expands on the participants’ expertise regarding raw materials, nonwovens production, occupational safety, quality insurance and business basics.  Instructors from different departments pass on their knowledge to their colleagues. In 2018, again 37 staff members from all areas of the company “graduated” from the 18-month training. The new course 2019/2020 has already started.

In its anniversary year, Sandler will continue to focus on the further development and the expansion of the company locations, strengthening its high standards with regard to quality, service, innovation and technology. In both Schwarzenbach/Saale and Perry, Georgia, USA Sandler plans to expand production capacities, further advancing the development of new nonwoven product solutions.

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