What is the Quality and Audit Program (QAP)?

QAP, the EDANA quality and audit program, is a voluntary program and comprises of 2 parts:
This first element is a minimum quality standard, which specifies minimum requirements for the quality management system of a supplier in the hygiene industry, thus helping to ensure consumer expectations of this industry are met. The word ‘minimum’ indicates this is a common benchmark, developed by EDANA and a wide range of members in the hygiene industry, including both suppliers and converters*. Industry players can apply different and/or additional quality requirements in their business.

The second element is an audit scheme assuring that:

  • Audits are conducted by reputable, trained and qualified third-party auditors.
  • Suppliers are no longer subject to multiple, independent but quite similar audits.
  • Audit results are owned by the individual suppliers and shared through a cloud-based platform with converters that have been granted access by those suppliers.

A wide range of companies have contributed to the QAP, including, but not limited to, Essity, Fibertex Personal Care, Fitesa, H.B. Fuller, Kimberly-Clark, Mondi, Ontex, PFNonwovens, Procter & Gamble, RKW, Sandler and TWE.

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Auditing Process Map

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The EDANA Standard & the Guidance Document

To receive a free copy of the full EDANA standard as well as the Guidance Document please complete the form below. Please note you will receive a “guidance document,” which is a key document both for auditors and auditees.

The guidance document provides context and explanations on the fundamental requirements, but equally important it describes the auditing process in terms of preparation, planning and non-conformity handling.

EDANA Standard & Guidance Document