There are many software products and tools today to help you with LCI, LCA and designing greener products.  Whether you are just getting started or looking to upgrade your LCA software, one of these organizations may be a good resource.

INDA  has become a member of the Sustainable Minds Industry Sponsor Program. Sustainable Minds is the global leader in cloud-based Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software that enables companies in a wide range of industries to design greener products. Version 3.0 will include publicly available data for materials and processes and focus initially on several product categories. On an ongoing basis, to expand these and to add new categories, SM will create new data through its Custom Data Creation Program and publish existing data provided by nonwoven manufacturers and other industry sources.  SM has teamed with nonwovens industry experts Chapas & Chinai Associates to provide expert nonwovens benchmarking and innovation services. A 15% discount off to any customer referencing INDA-SP013-4sBY once Version 3.o is released.  We encourage you to check them out.

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