INDA provides unique networking forums for gathering all levels of the nonwovens industry through World of Wipes® (WOW), RISE®, Hygienix, FiltXPO and IDEA® events. These conferences and expositions bring together nonwovens experts and associates from across the world. INDA events are the linchpin opportunities for the nonwoven and engineered material supply chain.

Senior-level leadership, R&D, specifiers, and support services come together to share ideas, discover new concepts, and find ways to work together. Whether you’re looking for a collaborator on a new product, a potential customer, or simply want to share ideas and concerns with others in our industry, this is your point of connection.

When I go to INDA conferences, I look for people and contacts who are already members, because it means that they have a certain commitment to the industry that will hopefully continue on that connection and partnership for many years to come. These events create value because instead of having to meet with many, many different people at separate times at their locations, we can meet everybody under one roof. It's essential for Crown Abbey to be at these events, to learn, to generate business, to find new clients and to move our projects along.
– Heidi Beatty, CEO, Crown Abbey

Members on Membership

Membership in Action

A Win-Win for Crown Abbey and INDA

INDA events generate new business and in turn, the consultancy serves membership as both an expert speaker and “connection” mentor.

Crown Abbey is, essentially, brain power for the nonwovens industry: they serve as R&D consultants to help companies launch new products. For the company to stay successful, they must stay connected, as they need a range of support and partners along each project’s journey, whether it be from the raw material suppliers, “non-human” manufacturers or third party manufacturers. INDA conferences and events help the company connect with potential partners and clients. CEO Heidi Beatty feels so confident in the organization’s value that she also serves as a committee member. Says Heidi, “As a committee member, I feel duty bound to reach out to new members to help them in whatever way I can. I also try to hear what they need from INDA, and from the industry as a whole.”