INDA promotes and honors excellence and performance in our industry on a personal, professional, and corporate level via multiple avenues. The INDA Awards feature the recipients of the annual Lifetime Technical Achievement Award and Lifetime Service Awards, as well as the triennial IDEA®Achievement Awards. These awards promote the brightest innovations at the nonwoven industry’s most important event – IDEA®, The World’s Preeminent Event for Nonwovens & Engineered Fabrics.

INDA also recognizes outstanding product innovations at its annual events: the World of Wipes® (WOW) International Conference, RISE® (Research, Innovation and Science for Engineered Fabrics) Conference, and the Hygienix™ Conference – The Premier Event for Absorbent Hygiene & Personal Care Markets). These innovations are honored through the World of Wipes Innovation Award®, the RISE® Innovation Award, and the Hygienix Innovation Award™. Innovative products that most expand the usage of nonwovens and demonstrate advancements in one or more categories are eligible to be nominated. The criteria for each award includes creativity, novelty of approach, uniqueness, and technical sophistication.

Tom Zaiser, Chief Commercial Officer at Indorama Ventures, said, "We are delighted to win this Award. Having our product, containing Biotransformation Technology, in the spotlight at WOW helped us reach hundreds of wipes professionals. Sustainability is at the forefront of our company's mission and this win reinforced that we are moving in the right direction."

Membership in Action

For Indorama Ventures, winning the 2023 World of Wipes Innovation Award®, with their partner Polymateria, was validation for their transformative product.


Indorama's and Polymateria's product was recognized at WOW 2023

The Nonwoven Wipe Using Biotransformation Technology, developed by Indorama Ventures and Polymateria, won the 2023 World of Wipes Innovation Award®. WOW participants recognized that this polypropylene wipe represents a significant leap towards eco-friendly, sustainable nonwoven hygiene products. Winning this Award was validation for all their hard work in advancing the nonwovens industry. With INDA's help, Indorama Ventures and Polymateria were able to reach more people by being promoted as an Award Finalist and then as an Award winner.

About their product: Their innovative 100% polypropylene spunlace wipe utilizes advanced biotransformation technology, meeting the BSI PAS 9017 specification. The unique feature of their wipe is compatibility with mechanical recycling, however, in the event it becomes fugitive, and exposed to heat, sunlight, air and moisture, will transform into a harmless, bioavailable wax at its end-of-life, returning safely to nature without leaving behind microplastics or toxins.