INDA promotes and honors excellence and performance in our industry on a personal, professional, and corporate level via multiple avenues. The INDA Awards feature the recipients of the annual Lifetime Technical Achievement Award and Lifetime Service Awards, as well as the triennial IDEA®Achievement Awards. These awards promote the brightest innovations at the nonwoven industry’s most important event – IDEA®, The World’s Preeminent Event for Nonwovens & Engineered Fabrics. INDA also recognizes outstanding product innovations at its annual events: the World of Wipes® (WOW) International Conference, RISE® (Research, Innovation and Science for Engineered Fabrics) Conference, and the Hygienix™ Conference – The Premier Event for Absorbent Hygiene & Personal Care Markets). These innovations are honored through the World of Wipes Innovation Award®, the RISE® Innovation Award, and the Hygienix Innovation Award™. Innovative products that most expand the usage of nonwovens and demonstrate advancements in one or more categories are eligible to be nominated. The criteria for each award includes creativity, novelty of approach, uniqueness, and technical sophistication.

We chose to apply for the Visionary award because we thought there was no better crowd in the world to evaluate our new product and positioning than the people at INDA shows. We immediately benefitted from validation of our idea when we won the award. As new professionals to the wipes industry, this recognition gave us the confidence to keep growing Dude Wipes.
– Sean Riley, Co-Founder, Dude Products Inc.

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When Dude Wipes submitted its entry for INDA’s Visionary award, they hoped to gain validation for its idea for a niche hygiene product. Their win was the first of many victories for this inventive new company.


Dude Wipes was first recognized at INDA’s VISION 2013 Conference

With its novel packaging and humorous branding, Dude Wipes brought a unique idea to the men’s grooming market. And when they submitted their entry to the INDA’s VISION 2013 Consumer Products Conference, they became the clear winner. The win brought them more than a plaque on a wall – through this recognition by industry leaders, Dude Products gained the confidence to go even bigger. Proving that industry leaders took them seriously, the award also offered them visibility and access to all the resources and supply chain connections that INDA's membership could provide. The company went on to create videos and blogs – and then, they appeared on Shark Tank. Mark Cuban bought a 30% share of the business – and today, Dude Wipes have huge distribution, a broader audience and more products. And their membership in INDA proves to be valuable. Said Dude Products Co-Founder Sean Riley, “Whether it's a new technology that's coming out or new regulation or new sustainability options, we really use (INDA) as our source for all things going on in the industry. INDA is our source to keep an eye on what's going on in the industry.”