INDA is renowned for its educational offerings for every level of professional, as the information we share is 100 percent focused on the nonwovens industry. Whether it’s a conference, an exposition, or a dedicated training course, this international association provides the learning platforms professionals need to further their careers and make their organizations more successful. As a member, you can receive a significant (usually 30%) discount on all conferences, expositions, and training courses. Along with our conferences, INDA and North Carolina State University’s The Nonwovens Institute (NWI) jointly organize the Professional Development Center with three-levels of professional development within nonwovens. These short courses start with the nonwoven basics and progress to the Intermediate level, and advanced series. The series gives industry professionals targeted and flexible short course opportunities to gain knowledge in the field of nonwovens and advance their career development goals. INDA also offers on-site personalized training for INDA member companies. Classes are developed to each company’s requirements. To schedule on-site training, contact INDA Director of Education & Technical Affairs, Matt O'Sickey, at

I attended INDA’s Intermediate Course with three of my colleagues from FiberVisions. We’re all new to the company and junior positioned. We saw this as an opportunity to learn more about the technical aspects of nonwovens manufacturing together, while gaining camaraderie within our company. During the three-and-a-half-day course, we networked with, and learned from colleagues working at other companies in and outside the industry with different areas of expertise, which enhanced the learning experience tremendously.

The classroom definitely felt like a safe space – there’s no pressure to impress anyone and you're free to ask whatever questions you have. The instructors are all seasoned experts with years of real-world experience in the industry and they will answer all of your questions. Anything that you've wanted to ask about in meetings, or industry jargon that you’ve heard but aren’t quite sure what it meant, you’ll find all the information you’re looking for, and more, when you take this course
– Hillary McElroy, Strategic Assistant to the CEO, FiberVisions Corporation

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“Soon after I started working for Lenzing in Austria, I had the chance to come to Raleigh to take the INDA intermediate nonwovens course. The course helped me get a better picture of the industry, including different market segments and also the technologies that are used for producing nonwovens products. It helped me better understand our customers and everyone along the value chain, really, from raw material producers down to the end customer.

I would highly recommend the INDA intermediate training course to customer relationship professionals, business development managers, product managers, marketing managers, and people who work in production or development of nonwovens products. By attending, you get to meet a lot of people with experience in the nonwovens industry, both from an academic as well as an industrial background. It's also a great place to network, to get to know other equally minded people, and to learn a lot of the ins and outs of the industry.”

– Simon Liebentritt, Product & Business Development Manager, Lenzing Group