Global Commerce

Membership in INDA connects you with the world, with resources and insights for researching and entering international markets. For decades, INDA and EDANA, the European nonwovens association, have worked together on numerous joint projects, including global-scale conferences, industry publications and transatlantic trade and investment issues.  The alliance between INDA and the China Nonwovens and Industrial Textiles Association (CNITA) has created a structure for communication and access, benefitting nonwovens companies who are looking to do business – or already are doing business – in this massive market.

INDA also works with CNITA on China-based conferences and events. Throughout the world, INDA works with other global organizations to harmonize test methods for nonwoven fabrics, so manufacturers can ensure their products meet the exact specifications demanded by regional markets and customers. INDA works closely with ISO (International Standards Organization), ASTM (Association of Standard Test Methods), and EDANA to ensure that more and more test methods are the same for every region.

The great advantages we see with INDA are the reach, the wide exposure that it provides, the large number of actors in various capacities, potential customers, institutions and training opportunities as well. Those were a very important part of our participation, so we see INDA as a powerful support in our pursuit of international growth in the nonwoven market.
– Giuseppe Cianci, Chief Operating Officer, bierrebi International

Membership in Action

With a strong foothold in the knit industry, cutting technologies company bierrebi International wanted to reach beyond to new markets. INDA helped them enter a whole new industry – on a global scale.


Italian company bierrebi International enters the global nonwovens industry with INDA’s help.

bierrebi International has been in the cutting technologies market for more than 50 years. Based in Bologna, Italy, the company has a solid reputation, and a large international presence. While its largest market is the knit industry, INDA has brought the company more opportunity for visibility in the nonwovens arena, through advertising, event networking, and training courses. Through INDA, bierrebi was able to establish contact with companies not only in the U.S., but also throughout Asia, including India and Turkey. According to COO Giuseppe Cianci, “INDA’s focused, extensive networking avenues, both online and in person, allowed us to access potential partners and customers, creating leads and establishing meaningful relations. And their highly informative, expert-led seminars helped us learn more about the nonwoven applications and industries, in which we see very good prospects to expand our market base globally.”