INDA members rank networking opportunities at the top of the list when they talk about membership benefits. INDA’s conferences and expositions bring together nonwovens experts and associates from across the world. There is no better place to exchange ideas, meet professional peers, and become immersed in the happenings of our industry – and as a member, you’re entitled to a discount to these events. During events, you’ll meet like-minded peers across the supply chain.

Whether you’re looking for a collaborator on a new product, a potential customer, or simply want to share ideas and concerns with others in your industry, this is your point of connection. And while INDA conferences are always fantastic networking opportunities, INDA members have even more networking options available to them. As a member, you’re also invited to become involved in INDA’s committees and engage with colleagues to plan conference program content, as well as advise on issues affecting our industry. Take advantage of complimentary postings of your latest news releases on INDA Member News. Send your press releases to 

Membership in Action

In the face of plummeting sales due to COVID-caused shutdowns, an INDA Member was able to pivot into PPE production, with help from INDA. Without INDA's contributions, it would have taken much longer to find those new sources of commercial demand or, in the worst case, they may not have been located.


INDA helps company shift into PPE production

The economic impacts of the COVID-caused shutdown in early 2020 created significant challenges for one INDA Member, due to crashing demand in normally dependable markets. One of their first actions during the pandemic crisis was to contact key INDA employees. The INDA team was able to provide the right tools and contacts to tap into sources of market demand for medical nonwoven products, which were new to the company. This provided the opportunity pathway to generate a critical revenue stream, maintain the vast majority of the workforce and power through the worst part of the COVID-caused economic shutdown.