Hygienix Innovation Award

The INDA Hygienix Innovation Award will recognize innovation in hygiene areas such as: consumer or institutional end products, end product components, or fabrication techniques that use nonwoven fabrics in a way that expands the usage of nonwovens. Nominees will be selected from various disposable and durable product categories and disruptive technologies that directly pertain to the hygiene industry. Examples are listed below.

Product Eligibility:

Companies are encouraged to nominate their own product(s) with a maximum of two (2) for the Hygienix Innovation Award, but only one (1) product per company will be selected as a Finalist. To qualify for consideration as a nominee, the product or technology must be in a hygiene related area and:

» Must be a finished consumer or institutional end product containing a nonwoven fabric, end product component, fabrication technique, or use a nonwoven technology during its manufacturing process. Potential examples of product or technology areas include but are not limited to;

  • Feminine hygiene
  • Diapers
  • Incontinence products
  • Raw materials that have made a significant contribution to the hygiene area
  • Equipment technology such as fastening, adhesive application, speed enhancement, etc.
  • Reusable products or technologies
  • Composites or laminates that use nonwovens

Nominees must agree to present their product in person at the Hygienix Conference if selected as a finalist and provide a digital 300 dpi or at least a 1MB high resolution image of their product for promotion purposes.

Product Criteria:

Nominated products or technologies should demonstrate advancements in one or more of the following categories:

  • Creativity (Was there imaginative skill used to create a solution to a known problem?)
  • Novelty of Approach (Is the method or thought process used to create the product new?)
  • Uniqueness (Is this product sufficiently different from others in the marketplace of its type?)
  • Technical Sophistication (Does the product/process use nonwoven technology in an intellectually elegant manner?)

Finalist Selection:

  • Must have been available commercially at most two years prior to the current Hygienix Conference.
  • Must not have been selected as a Finalist in any previous Visionary Award or Hygienix Award competition. A nominated product not selected as a Finalist may be nominated the following year, but no more than two (2) nominations total per company.
  • Wipe products will not be considered for Hygienix.

Award Methodology:

Finalists will present their innovation to the industry at Hygienix.  Voting shall be weighted equally across three voting bodies: the Technical Advisory Board (TAB), the affiliated Conference Committee and the respective Conference attendees.  Each group shall vote separately and be given equal weight in the final determination of the award winner. Once the weighted votes have been tabulated onsite, the winner will be announced during the scheduled conference hours.

  1. INDA's Technical Advisory Board (TAB), consisting of INDA's President and Technical Director plus industry members with a technical background, shall first the select the award finalists from all submissions and then vote on the finalist that best embodies the award criteria. Product scores will be the percentage of TAB votes obtained carried out to two (2) decimal places. INDA personnel will vote on which products make the Finalist category, but not on which shall be the winner of the Award.  This will be one third of the total score for a product finalist.
  2. The Conference Committee, consisting of an INDA staff coordinator and industry members from the market segment of the conference, shall vote on the finalist. Product scores will be the percentage of Committee votes obtained carried out to two (2) decimal places. This will be one third of the total score for a product finalist. TAB Members on the Conference Committee shall vote only once and INDA staff shall not vote.
  3. The Conference attendees who register and receive a ballot as part of their registration fee shall vote for the finalist. Product scores will be the percentage of the attendee votes obtained carried out to two (2) decimal places. This will be one third of the total score for a product finalist. TAB members and Conference Committee members shall vote only once either in their group or as an attendee.
  4. The winning finalist shall be determined by totaling the voting percentages from the three voting groups and announced during the scheduled conference hours.