News ImageThe nonwoven industry continues to create products that improve health and make our lives more convenient. Wet wipes such as moist toilet wipes, baby wipes, and personal care wipes are great examples.

Some wipes are designed to be flushed, while others are not. For those companies who make “flushable wipes” we urge them to adopt Edition Three of the Guidelines for Assessing the Flushability of Disposable Nonwoven Products and test their products in order to substantiate flushable claims.

For those making wipes that have a potential to be flushed, even though designed not to be, we encourage them to use our “Do Not Flush” symbol on packaging.

INDA, and our partner association EDANA, are committed to educating consumers on the proper disposal pathway for wipes to help reduce the amount of non-flushable material in the wastewater stream and to protect our environment.

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