Clements Jack Clements

Consultant, SF Air Filtration

An internationally recognized expert and leader in dry-gas fabric filtration ; including the design, testing, manufacturing, and application of  cleanable filtration  media and filter elements, components and systems for gas turbine intake filters process, and industrial air pollution control. Jack is currently serving on ASHRAE SPC 199 and as an ANSI representative on ISO industrial filtration related technical committees. He has worked as a senior level employee for major industrial air pollution control and gas turbine OEMs, and is currently an independent consultant. He currently holds thirty-five (35) patents.

Tuesday 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Industrial Air Filtration


Pleated Filter Media as a Direct Replacement for Filter Bags

Clements will discuss the financial and performance merits of converting existing industrial air systems from bag filters to pleated filter media. Learn where it is possible to save money and improve the performance of your filtration system in one fell swoop.