Stephens McLeod Stephens, Jr.

Sales Manager-Gas Turbine Aftermarket, Nederman LLC

McLeod Stephens has been working in the filtration industry for over 35 years.  He has served as a consultant, project manager, directed research and development, served as general manager of a filter manufacturing company and senior sales leader for several filtration sales organizations.

Stephens has trained hundreds of people in the practice of filtration technologies for applications such as fume, moisture and dust control.  He has worked to solve complex filtration issues where chemicals and corrosives were present.  His practical approach to filtration problem solving has supported both company and customer users alike for over three decades.

Stephens began his career as a representative for nonwoven bag and cartridge filters where a system approach to problem solving was the key to leading successful growth. All companies experienced market share and sales growth, even during several downturns in the economy.

Stephens attended University of Missouri.

Tuesday 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Industrial Air Filtration


Nonwoven Media Approaches for Air Inlet Filtration on Gas Turbines

Users of gas turbines rely heavily upon the air quality of their inlet filtration systems to protect their equipment and to provide maximum power output. Air inlet filtration technology has become more intricate and specialized to provide that clean air along with dealing with the wide variety of atmospheric challenges seen with GT installations. A combination of nonwoven media options has provided filter house designers of air inlets solid design options for all ambient weather conditions.