Lim Hyun Lim, Ph.D.

Technical Fellow, DuPont, Inc.

Hyun Lim, Ph.D. is a technology fellow, specializing in nonwovens technology since 1982 at DuPont and earned a Ph.D in chemical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is currently involved in new product and new business development and provides strategic guidance and broad technical support to broaden DuPont's business and holds 28 U.S. patents.

He was a member of a DuPont team that developed a tightly woven filter to eradicate the Guinea worm epidemic in drinking water in Asia and Africa, at the request of former President Jimmy Carter. This technology contributed to the significant decrease of those afflicted, from more than 3.2 million cases in 1986 to a mere 11 cases in August, 2015, as reported by the World Health Organization.

Tuesday 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Cutting Edge Technologies


High Flux Tyvek® for Filtration

A new high porosity Tyvek® (2- 8 cfm/ft2 Frazier) has been developed for high flux filtration applications with excellent barrier property. The new product offers a unique balance of flow rate, particle filtration efficiency, filter life and easy cake release that are critical to microfiltration applications. Filtration performance results and potential applications will be presented.