Lybrand Fred Lybrand

President, Americas, ELMARCO, Inc.

Fred is President of Elmarco, Inc. where he is one of four team members responsible for running the business. He supervises global product development, marketing and sales in the US and Europe. He was part of the team that opened Elmarco's first international presence in 2008.

Elmarco makes industrial scale electrospinning equipment for the manufacture of nanofiber membranes. With over 130 field installations from leading research institutions to global filtration and membrane customers Elmarco helps customers develop and deploy advanced porous materials in the filtration, apparel and medical industries.

Tuesday 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Cutting Edge Technologies


Nanofibers in Filtration: Beyond F9, Beyond MERV 15, Beyond Surface-Load and Pulsing

Nanofibers have proven their ability to perform up to MERV 15 and F9. They are well established in surface load filtration. Coating of wetlaids is very common. What markets are nanofibers entering into next? We will look at; (i) the state of nanofiber adoption, (ii) future markets for nanofibers and (iii) how NF-enabled filter media benchmarks to membranes and other advanced materials.