Because we've combined the best of both INSIGHT and VISION to create a conference that's the global pinnacle of technological innovation.

Hygienix features some of the world's most notable thought leaders, from companies and organizations that are revolutionizing the absorbent hygiene and personal care industry. Meet the speakers. Collaborate with international peers. Learn about today's trends – and tomorrow's. Gain exposure to ideas that can take your products to a whole new level. You'll connect with customers and colleagues in a conference attended by the entire supply chain – and you'll leave with the knowledge and connections to transform your company and your career.

Attend presentations by the industry's
global thought leaders:

Spherical SAP

Manager of Technical Service, Hygiene Business, BASF Corporation

Gain insights into the new hygiene advancements that are taking shape at BASF. Learn 
about innovation in HySorb® superabsorbents such as optimized capacity, absorbency 
against pressure and permeability that are available today. Next generation products, 
such as SAVIVA™, that offer spherical particles and other unique performance 
characteristics that address market needs will be discussed as well. Learn More »

Fluffless Cores: The Way Forward

» » » Werner van Ingelgem
Innovation and Procurement Director, Drylock Technologies NV

How did they do it? Gain an overview of the different technologies, benefits, and commercial success involved in achieving a 100% fluffless baby diaper and more recently a full range of adult incontinence products. Besides the key marketing advantage of preserving trees, other advantages allow product designers to produce unprecedented thin, comfortable, and flexible products within the absorbent hygiene market.
Learn More »

The Pulp Industry's Response to Fluffless Cores

» » » David Allan
Editor, Nonwovens Markets, RISI, Inc.

Explore the work being done by pulp manufacturers to introduce improvements; including technological innovations, to meet the needs of an evolving market driven toward thinner baby diapers and adult incontinence products. Fluff pulp suppliers have an obvious desire to protect their existing absorbent product business, while also working with their customers to create a new generation of absorbent products that better meet the consumer's need. Explore the latest work underway. Learn More »

Innovations, Dignity, and Standards

» » » Mark S. Nedvin
Vice President, Marketing, Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies, (HDIS)

Learn how industry is capturing younger audiences with thinner and "sexier" products. Explore a broad range of product successes, failures, and those yet to be determined. Learn how product proliferation is spurred on by Medicaid, private labelers, and consumer behaviors. You'll take away dynamic improvements in packaging, nomenclature, consumer marketing, and product development. Learn More »

A New Category Meets Unmet Needs

» » » Kelly Lewis Brezoczky
Founder & CEO, Butterfly Health, Inc.

Learn what drives this consumer insight and health innovation expert (and CEO and Founder of a new product and category) to meet the unmet mature health needs for millions of active people over 40 called accidental bowel leakage (ABL). Hear what products and educational components still need to be addressed; where innovation and education meet; and how to start a change in the conversation. Learn More »

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