Allen » » » Chuck Allen, Jr.

Director of Product Development, Barnhardt Manufacturing Co.

Contributed 20 years with Cotton Incorporated and left as the Director of Nonwovens Research and Marketing. Moved to be Technical Director at INDA  and then to the USDA in the Cotton Chemistry and Utilization group in New Orleans before joining Barnhardt Manufacturing Company where he has served as the Director of Product development since May 2013.

BS in Chemistry from University of South Carolina in 1977. Chuck is the inventor of 2 patents.

Thursday 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Material & Technology Advancements

HyDri® Purified Hydrophobic Cotton: Enhancing the Performance of Your Hygiene Applications

A new process has been designed to clean and purify cotton while preserving the natural hydrophobicity of the fiber. The purified fibers maintain their hydrophobic properties and characteristics throughout the hydroentangling process and can also be tailored during the nonwovens process to deliver various attributes based on application requirements. The substrates are customized for use in feminine hygiene, adult incontinence and diaper component applications such as coverstock, topsheet and diaper ear/tabs. A variety of substrates have been developed (and commercialized) to meet application requirements. In addition to the substrates' physical properties, the performance properties of each substrate related to coverstock fabrics such as strike through, wet back and moisture vapor, will also be shared.