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CEO/Director, Richer Investment S.A. De C.V.

Mr. Richer used to be General Director at Absormex, one of the largest independently owned disposable baby diaper factories in Latin America currently owned by CMPC, with sales exceeding half a billion diapers every year (about 75 million USD per year). Absormex was the first diaper company in the world to receive the "ISO 9000: 2000″ certification in December 2000. After 21 years working with Absormex, Mr. Richer retired in 2005 to start his own consulting company Richer Investment, dedicated to provide consulting services to the disposable diaper industry worldwide.

Richer is an expert in the field of manufacturing disposable absorbent products, with 31 years of experience covering all manufacturing operations. He currently provides technical support to clients in 28 countries in four continents, both diaper manufacturers, and traders. He has worked as consultant with many raw material suppliers and original equipment manufacturers, for SAP, nonwovens, hot melt and absorbent fibers. He has also been invited as guest speaker in many diaper industry seminars and technical forums. Mr. Richer frequently writes articles in the most important diaper industry publications, such as Nonwovens Industry, ME Tissue, and Nonwovens World. Mr. Richer is also an invited guest member of the board of directors of several companies.

Tuesday 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Optional Workshop: The Americas and the European Diaper Market

The Americas and the European Diaper Market

Mr. Carlos Richer will provide an in-depth exploration of the diaper markets in the top Latin American countries as well as in the U.S. and Europe. Included will be detailed segmentation data in key markets as well as a number of personal observations in terms of risks and opportunities. He will provide a price comparison of diapers and baby pants and what that information could mean to future market positions. In addition he will give a general update of 2015 expected sales volumes - exploring both growth potential and risk.

Carlos will cover recently updated diaper performance and reverse engineering information for the top selling EU and U.S. diaper brands as well as the latest products from Mexico and other Latin American countries. Discussion will include generally unknown but remarkable facts in terms of GSM for topsheets, backsheets, and ADLs used in diapers. He will also discuss the new "eco" phenomenon which has generated record profits for brands like Bamboo Nature and The Honest Company.