Robinson » » » Jim Robinson

Technical Specialist, BASF Corporation

35 years' experience in the chemical industry at BASF (via several acquisitions) focused on pulp and paper chemistry (10 years) and superabsorbent polymers (25 years).  Contributor on several patents related to pulp bleaching (related to mechanical pulps) and superabsorbent polymers (hygiene and industrial applications).  Current position is Manager of Technical Service for BASF Corp, Hygiene Business.

Wednesday 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Achieving Thin

Innovations in SAP for Today and Tomorrow

Gain insights into the new hygiene advancements that are taking shape at BASF. Learn about innovation in HySorb®; superabsorbents such as optimized capacity, absorbency against pressure and permeability that are available today. Next generation products, such as SAVIVA™, that offer spherical particles and other unique performance characteristics that address market needs will be discussed as well.