Conference Speakers

» » »  David Allan
Editor, RISI Nonwovens Markets
The Pulp Industry's Response to Fluffless Cores
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» » »  Chuck Allen, Jr.
Director of Product Development, Barnhardt Manufacturing Co.
HyDri® Purified Hydrophobic Cotton: Enhancing the Performance of Your Hygiene Applications
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» » »  Silke Brand-Kirsch
Executive Partner, Schlegel and Partners GmbH
How Sustainable Is Sustainability?
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» » »  Douglas Brown
President, Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation
The Evolution of Elastic Stretch and Recovery in Hygiene Products
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» » »  Thomas Ehlert
Vice President Research & Development, Aurizon Ultrasonics, LLC
Adhesive-free, Ultrasonic Elastic Attachment
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» » »  David Freund
Applied Technology Group Manager, Bostik, Inc.
Challenges of Odor in Disposable Hygiene
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» » »  Steven Gregg
Executive Director, National Association For Continence
Incontinence: First You Talk About It
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» » »  Pricie Hanna
Managing Partner, Price Hanna Consultants LLC
Growth Drivers in the Global Hygiene Absorbent Products in the Next Five Years
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» » » John Howell
Director, Business Development Nonwovens NA, Henkel Corporation
Holistic Laboratory Evaluation of New Materials and Technologies: Reducing Product Development Costs Related to Production Line Trials and Consumer Panels
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» » »  Brad Kalil
Director Of Market Research And Statistics, INDA, Association Of The Nonwoven Fabrics Industry
The North American Nonwovens and Absorbent Hygiene Markets
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» » »  Laura Kiely
V.P. Product Development & Senior Engineer, Rem Brands, Inc.
Odor Elimination via Molecular Modification Enhances Quality of Life for All Ages
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» » »  Kelly Lewis Brezoczky
President & Chief Executive Officer, Butterfly Health, Inc.
A New Category Meets Unmet Needs
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» » »  Mark Nedvin
VP Marketing, Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies, (HDIS)
Customer Interaction and Feedback Shapes the Incontinence Industry
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» » »  Robert Norman, DO, MPH, MBA
Owner and CEO, Dermatology Healthcare
Trends and Advancements in Skin Health and Management for the Bowel and Bladder Incontinent Patient
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» » »  Matthew O'Sickey
Senior Global Product Manager, Tredegar Corporation
Advances in Adult Incontinent Pant User Experience
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» » »  William Pulanco
Global Hygiene Technical Service Manager, H.B. Fuller
Identifying and Resolving Adhesive Bleed Through in the Nonwovens Applications for the Hygiene Market
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» » »  Carlos Richer
CEO/Director, Richer Investment S.A. De C.V.
The Americas and the European Diaper Market
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» » »  Jim Robinson
Technical Specialist, BASF Corporation
Innovations in SAP for Today and Tomorrow
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» » »  Jerry Rocha
President, Creative Machine Designs, Inc.
Forming Hook Fasteners Using Ultrasonics
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» » »  David Schneider, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Rem Brands, Inc.
Odor Elimination via Molecular Modification Enhances Quality of Life for All Ages
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» » »  Svetlana Uduslivaia
Head Of Tissue & Hygiene Industry, Euromonitor International
Global Absorbent Hygiene Marketplace and the Rising Power of Female Consumers: Challenges and Opportunities for Growths
+ Dine With Industry Thought Leaders

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» » »  Werner Van Ingelgem
Innovation & Procurement Director, Drylock Technologies
Fluffless Cores: The Way Forward (Stories from the Real World)
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