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RISE®, INDA's Research, Innovative & Science for Engineered Fabrics Conference offers three-days to explore "what's next" and "what's needed" from industry's most prescient leaders in materials research, and innovative science as applied to engineered fabrics.

New this year, RISE® devotes one day to present Nanofibers for the Third Millennium (N3M) highlighting the major nanofiber application areas and manufacturing processes.



INDA's RISE® Conference has been connecting technical innovation in engineered fabrics with practical applications since 2010. The conference is devoted to business/product development professionals, innovation teams, product managers research engineers, and other technical scouts seeking technical presentations centered on developing and driving innovation and technology within engineered fabrics.

"Our RISE® Conference with the N3M symposium on nanofibers brings attendees an exciting new area that simply cannot be ignored by forward-looking companies. We will explore 'what's next' from industry's most prescient leaders in materials research and innovative science and how it can and will

be applied to engineered fabrics," said Dave Rousse, President of INDA.

The N3M symposium highlights major nanofiber application areas and manufacturing processes, including Air/Liquid Filtration, Life Sciences (wound care and tissue scaffolding), and Energy Storage (fuel cells and battery separators). Elmarco Inc., a manufacturer of electrospun nanofiber equiopment, will be a Platinum Sponsor of the N3M symposium.



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