HaleyGlenn Haley, PhD

Director of Technology Development, Owens Corning Science and Technology

Glenn Haley earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toledo. His career spans 27 years in the fiberglass industry including leadership roles in Engineering, Operations, Commercial/Marketing and most recently
in Product and Process Development as a leader in the Owens Corning Science and Technology Center located in Granville Ohio.


HaleySteve Thaxton

Senior Engineering Lead, Owens Corning Science and Technology, LLC

Steve Thaxton has spent 18 years in the nonwovens industry serving building materials, automotives and furnishings markets. He holds degrees in engineering, business and psychology from The Citadel and University of Tennessee and has served in functions spanning sales, marketing, operations and engineering management throughout his career. He is currently the Engineering Manager for Owens Corning's non-wovens fiberglass insulation products and is also located in Granville, Ohio.

Wednesday 8:00am - 12:00pm
Advanced Materials Session

Needled R5 Per Inch Fiberglass

Abstract: Fiberglass materials produced with cured binders meet the definition of a non-woven material but are generally not included in the family of non-woven products. Owens Corning recently developed and launched a nonwoven insulation made from needle punched glass fibers similar to those used to improve the energy efficiency and comfort in millions of homes. This new product is 99.7% glass, very soft to the touch, pliable and easy to cut. The needled fine fiber material is designed to deliver R5 per inch of thickness and can be used in many different applications.