AllamYanbo Liu, PhD

Senior Engineer/Associate Professor, Tianjin Polytechnic University (TJPU)

Yanbo Liu(PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, Senior engineer in textile engineering, Associate professor teaching nonwovens courses and conducting nanofiber nonwovens related research projects in recent 5 years.) Experience in both national
and international universities as well as companies, possesses nonwovens related knowledge in spunmelt nonwovens production, nonwovens materials and engineering, materials science and engineering, as well as textile materials and engineering.

Directed research group conducting R&D on nonwoven products e.g., lithium
ion battery separator, medical wound dressing, coverstock and acquisition/distribution layer in hygiene nonwoven product, PM2.5 protective mask/filter media, waterproof & breathable protective membrane, laminated protective textile composite, filter media for tap water, leucocyte, high temperature gas, protective membrane for architecture, etc., possessing extensive experience in project management, team management, and product

Thursday 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Concurrent Session II: Technology & Materials II

Bicomponent Blend-electrospun Separator for Lithium ion Battery

Abstract: Electrospun membrane is of outstanding performance when used as separator of Lithium ion battery. However, its applications is limited to certain extent due to low adhesion among neighboring nanofibers and hence the low mechanical strength of the electrospun separator. In the current study, a lithium ion separator was prepared by bicomponent blending electrospun thermoplastic polymers. Bonding points were established at the cross-points of the neighboring nanofibers after appropriate thermal bonding process during which the polymer component with lower melting temperature partially melts to semi-molten state, as a result, several times higher tenacity was achieved than the as-electrospun membrane, better performances in electrochemical property and thermal stability were also observed in terms of ionic conductivity at room temperature, electrochemical stability potential, interface impedance, initial discharge capacity, and so on, compared to those of Celgard 2400 PP, the commercial separator for lithium ion battery. The resultant single-layer bicomponent composite electrospun membrane was equipped with excellent thermal stability, such as thermal shutdown function at lower temperature, thermal runaway property at higher temperature, and very small thermal shrinkage at elevated temperature.