NonniArthur J. Nonni, PhD

Senior Director Process & Product Technology,   GP Cellulose, LLC, Georgia-Pacific

Over 30 yrs industry experience split mostly between International Paper (13 years) and Georgia Pacific (18 years).

Positions included R&D; process/product development and commercialization; manufacturing, engineering and technical service in pulping, bleaching (paper grade, fluff and dissolving), paper and paperboard and bleached board manufacture, and consumer products.

Tuesday 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Hygiene Session

Golden Isles CO Fluff Pulp: Cellulose with a New Purpose

Abstract: Golden Isles Fluff is a well-recognized fiber used globally in disposable hygiene products for more than 20 years. Based on the voice of the customer and consumer GP Cellulose, LLC has introduced enhanced fluff pulp fibers with attributes designed to produce compressed absorbent cores and allow the development of absorbent cores with new and improved functionality. Golden Isles CO_ Fluff Pulps provide the ability to produce thinner products, allowing customers to compress cores to high density while preserving performance (without become stiff or boardy), improve emboss and emboss retention (dry and wet), improve re-wets, impart ammonia-based odorant reduction and the potential for bacteria control (under development). These grades afford customers the ability to achieve impactful product improvements utilizing the same equipment used to produce products with standard fluff pulps. Manufactured using proprietary and patented processes, the improvements are imparted by introducing new functionality into the fibers as a permanent part of the cellulose. Commercial applications include baby diaper, adult incontinence, fem-care, pet pads, meat pads and light incontinence products.