RobinsonJim Robinson

Technical Services Manager, BASF Hygiene Products

35 years' experience in the chemical industry at BASF (via several acquisitions) focused on pulp and paper chemistry (10 years) and superabsorbent polymers (25 years). Contributor on several patents related to pulp bleaching (related to mechanical pulps) and
superabsorbent polymers (hygiene and industrial applications. Current position is Manager of Technical Service for BASF Corp, Hygiene Business.

Tuesday 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Hygiene Session

The Use of Renewable Feedstock in Superabsorbent Polymer Manufacturing

Abstract: As part of BASF's on-going commitment to sustainable operations, BASF has developed a process to incorporate renewable feedstock into the production of raw materials used to make superabsorbent polymers. The use of this feedstock as it relates to the finished superabsorbent polymer is tracked via a Mass Balance approach which is certified by an independent, third-party organization. This approach maintains the high performance of BASF's superabsorbent polymers and allows BASF to offer flexible sustainability claims for customers using these polymers.