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Conference Speakers

Arsheen Allam
CEO, CNanoz Inc.
Cost Efficient Carbon Composite Nano Spheres and Graphene Technology for Water Purification and Desalination
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Gajanan S. Bhat, PhD
Professor - Materials Science and Engineering
Director – UT Nonwovens Research Laboratory, The University of Tennessee
Nanofibers From the Meltblowing Process: Recent Developments, Future Opportunities and Challenges
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Saptarshi Chattopadhyay, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate, Rutledge Research group, MIT
Cellulose Acetate Micro-and Nanofibers as Particle Filter Media
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Jiří Chvojka, PhD
Assistant Professor, Technical University of Liberec
Combination of Nanofibres and Microfibres in 3D Scaffold for Bone or Cartilage Regeneration
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Eric Cochran, PhD
Associate Professor – Chemical & Biological Engineering, Iowa State University
Bioadvantaged Thermoplastic Elastomers
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Michael Flaherty
President & Owner, Rando Machinery Corporation
Advances in Airlaid Technology
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Jay Forcucci
Senior Director, Product Management, Polymer Group Inc. (PGI)
Design and Development of Filter Media to Control Airborne Sub-micron "Nano" Particles
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Hans George Geus, PhD
Technical Director, Reifenhäuser REICOFIL GmbH & Co. KG
The Future of Spunlaid and Spunmelt Fabrics Based on Reicofil Technology

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Russell E. Gorga, PhD
Associate Professor, North Carolina State University, Fiber and Polymer Science Program
Unconfined, Melt Edge Electrospinning from Multiple, Spontaneous, Self-Organized Polymer Jets
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Mohammad Hassan, PhD
Nonwovens & Polymer Scientist, Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation
Advanced Filter Media Structures Using Biax Spunblown Fiber Technology
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Glenn Haley, PhD
Director of Technology Development, Owens Corning Science and Technology
Needled R5 Per Inch Fiberglass
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Hongbing He, PhD

Founder & CEO, Shanghai P & P Biotech Co., Ltd.
Novel Superhydraphilic P(LLA-CL)/Fibrinogen Electrospun Scaffold for Tissue Regeneration
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Fred Humiston
President, Bluetek Membrane Corporation
New High-performance Barrier Membrane for Nonwoven Applications
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Takahiro Kawakatsu, Dr. Eng.

Senior Researcher, Kurita Water Industries Ltd.
Anionic Nanofiber Filter for Trace Metal Removal in Ultrapure Water
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Rebecca Kramer
Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
Soft Active Materials for Soft and Wearable Robotics
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Charles Lancelot, PhD
President, XCaliber Associates, Inc.
Why the Biodegradation of Suitably Treated Plastics in Landfills Makes Sense
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Jeffrey D. Lindsay
Head of Intellectual Property, Asia Pulp and Paper
Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation in China: What Western Companies Need to Know
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Yanbo Liu, PhD
Senior Engineer/Associate Professor, Tianjin Polytechnic University (TJPU)
Bicomponent Blend-electrospun Separator for Lithium ion Battery
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Elizabeth G. Loboa, PhD
Professor and Associate Chair, UNC-Chapel Hill & NC State University
Functional Applications of Electrospun Nanofibers in Medical Settings
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David Lukas, PhD
Chair of the Department of Nonwovens, Faculty of Textile Engineering, Technical University of Liberec
Mass Production of Nanofibers Using Altering Current Electrospinning
Technology for Production of Meltblown Microfiber Layers with High Amount of Nanofibers Produced by Electrospinning Process
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Fred Lybrand
President, Americas, ELMARCO, Inc.
Tech Scouting in the Rolled Goods Industry

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Karen Mertins
R&D Chemist, ITW Pro Brands
DETEX® Technology—A New Way of Avoiding Trouble

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Jack Miller
Managing Consultant, Global Nanocellulose Sales
Low Cost Production of Nanocellulose for Reinforcement and Enhanced Barrier Properties in Nonwovens Using American Process Inc.'s AVAP® Biorefinery Technology
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Robert A. Monticello, PhD

International Antimicrobial Council Technology Center
Recent Developments in Measuring Antimicrobial and Antiodor Properties on Treated Nonwoven Textiles
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Greg Moran
Director of Business Development, Rando Machinery Corporation
Advances in Airlaid Technology
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Arthur J. Nonni
Senior Director Process & Product Technology,   GP Cellulose, LLC, Georgia-Pacific
Golden Isles CO Fluff Pulp: Cellulose with a New Purpose

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Behnam Pourdeyhimi, PhD
Associate Dean for Industry Research and Extension
William A. Klopman Distinguished Professor, Executive Director, The Nonwovens Institute
Modeling Filtration Performance: Role of Structure
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Thad J. Ptak, PhD

VP of Research & Development, Columbus Industries Inc.
Nanofiber Filter Media for Residential and Commercial HVAC
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Nicholas Rider
Application Engineer, Nanoscience Instruments, Inc.
Materials Characterization: Finding the Right Tool for Fast Fiber Analysis
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Jim Robinson
Technical Services Manager, BASF Hygiene Products
The Use of Renewable Feedstock in Superabsorbent Polymer Manufacturing

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Timothy Robson
Business Development Manager, Hills, Inc.
Retrofitting: Breathing New Life into Old Machines

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Gary S. Selwyn, PhD
President, Green Theme Technologies LLC
The Other Dry Finishing

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Suresh L. Shenoy, PhD
Senior Principal Scientist, Corporate Technology, Donaldson Company
Fine Fibers for Filtration: A Donaldson Perspective
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Wolfgang M. Sigmund, PhD
Professor, Material Science & Engineering, University of Florida
The Future of Electrospun Nonwoven Materials as Hybrid and Ceramic Fibers
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Steve Thaxton
Senior Engineering Lead, Owens Corning Science and Technology, LLC
Needled R5 Per Inch Fiberglass
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Christian Thum
Project Engineer, Dienes Apparatebau GmbH

Centrifugal Spinning of Nanofibers - Stepping Forward in Productivity
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Gabriel Tkacik, PhD
Director, Filtration R&D, EMD Millipore Corporation
Electrospun Nanofiber Filters for Critical Removal of Bacteria and Viruses

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Leonard Torobin
Chief Executive Officer, Nanofiber Technology, Inc.
Industrial Scale Nanofiber from Molten Plastics
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Jason Villano, D.V.M., M.S., MSc, DACLAM

Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
The Use, Design and Flaws of Personal Protective Equipment
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Alexander L. Yarin, PhD
Distinguished Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Biodegradable and Biocompatible Soy Protein/Petroleum-Derived Polymer Electrospun Nanofiber Patches for Plant Protection
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Harry Zervos, PhD
Principal Analyst, IDTechEx
Textile Integration of Electronic Functionality: Market Forecasts for the Next Decade
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Xuanhe Zhao, PhD
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and
d'Arbeloff Career Development Chair, MIT
Nonwoven Materials with Extraordinary Functions: From Tough Hydrogels to Graphene Supercapacitors
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