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Conference Program

Network at WOW conference Networking Opportunities

June 18
9:00 am -
5:00 pm


“As a product developer and contract manufacturer of wet wipes for multiple markets, we find the World of Wipes Conference to be a great forum for our team to connect with customers, suppliers and industry experts from across the globe. It also provides us with an opportunity to learn about the latest industry developments.”

Douglas Arnold, Senior Vice President Kleen Test Products Corporation

Wipes Conference

“The absolute best forum to attend if you are in the disposable wipes business.”

Barry Strauss, President & CEO Strauss Fibers
Altanta shoreline for World of Wipes conference


9:30 am – 10:15 am

Coffee & Networking Network at WOW conference

10:15 am – 12:00 pm

Healthcare & European/ North American Trends

A Blurring of the Lines: Perspectives on Community and
Healthcare Acquired Infections

Hudson Garrett, Senior Director of Clinical Affairs, PDI
We now live in a day and age of a blurring of the lines of Community and Healthcare Acquired Infections. With the continual evolution of microorganisms, modern medicine has reached a tipping point as it relates to infections both in the community and healthcare settings. This session will review some of the contributing factors to the spread of infections, but, more importantly, an impactful and easy way to mitigate the risk of transmission.

Consumer & Healthcare Trends in European Wipes Markets
Helena Engqvist, Director, Engqvist Consulting
The presentation will highlight the key market drivers of wipes in Europe and the growth potential of wipes by segment. Important product features will be discussed along with the impact that nonwoven technologies and materials is having on wipes produced and used in the region.

The North American Wiper Market – Growth & Opportunities
Ian Butler, Principal, International Nonwovens Consulting
INDA is a leading source for reliable news and market data for the North American wiper market. Learn what has happened in North America over the last year and what the impact will be on the wiper industry as a whole.

12:00 pm –   2:00 pm

Lunch (on your own) Network at WOW conference

  1:30 pm –   2:00 pm

Coffee & Networking Network at WOW conference

  2:00 pm –   5:00 pm

Technology & Regional Trends

Potential, Time Scale and Threats for a Broader Asia-Pacific Wipes Market
Ian Bell, Tissue & Hygiene Research Manager, Euromonitor
International Japan continues to be the key wipes market in the Asia-Pacific region. However, with rising incomes reported across most of the region, the long term future lies in sales in developing markets, but just how close are calculations of potential and reality?

Product Trends in the South American Wipes Market
Rick Jezzi, Principal, A.D. Jezzi & Associates, LLC
The South American wipes market continues to grow at an accelerated rate. This growth brings new opportunities to regional converters as well as raw material suppliers supporting this market. This presentation will address some of the current market conditions, new product opportunities, product trends and challenges that are evolving in the developing markets in this region.

How Nonwoven Technology in the European Market Leads to a User Advantage
Huib Kamps, Director, Product Marketing Management – Wipes EMEA, PGI
The industrial wipe manufacturers are becoming experts at both understanding and meeting the specific demands of users, distributors and retailers. The process of continually improving efficiency-in-use of task-specific products is an important aspect of growing with increasingly sophisticated customers. Learn how the European wipes industry is embracing technology for success.

  3:30 pm –   4:00 pm

Coffee & Networking Network at WOW conference

  4:00 pm

Technology & Regional Trends (continued)

Consumer Insights Drive New Packaging Solutions
Steve Callahan, President, Perimeter Brand Packaging
Have you ever looked at wipes packaging innovation through the foundation of consumer insights? Every project should begin by connecting with the consumer. By studying consumer insights, we can learn more about consumer behaviors and usage habits and can provide packaging solutions for wipes that better fit within the consumer lifestyle; thus, finding new opportunities to drive consumption

Dual Surface Airlaid Wipes for Cleaning Applications – Factors for Success
Jim Hanson, Director, Marketing Technology Service, Inc.

The hard surface wiper market has grown from practically nothing to today’s robust business. Many technologies and variations in nonwoven fabrics are used. Recently, dual surface wipers have appeared offering different wiping surfaces and scrubbing features with visible cues to the consumer. There are several viable approaches. This presentation details one new approach based on airlaid which provides adjustable surface abrasion, color and texture in a high-speed process.

  5:00 pm –   7:00 pm

Table-top Displays & Reception Network at WOW conference

June 19
8:00 am – 9:00 am

Networking Breakfast Network at WOW conference

Thank you BASF Corporation and Suominen Nonwovens for sponsoring the breakfast!

Wipe Flushability – An International Concern
Steve Ogle, Director of Technical Affairs & Statistics, INDA
Moist flushable toilet wipes continue to be a concern for wastewater treatment professionals around the world. With each U.S. state and 18 countries considering developing separate wipe regulations, we'll provide you an update on solutions being proposed to bring some global continuity. We will cover the collection studies done in both North America and Europe and discuss what consumers revealed. Regardless of your place in the wipe value chain, you'll want to hear this presentation.

“Being new to the industry, I was able to not only learn first-hand about the nonwovens market from the depth of knowledge from those in attendance, but also meet directly with SEVEN current suppliers in one day! This would never have been accomplished as efficiently except for the unique opportunity at WOW…well worth the travel expense and price of admission!”

Norm Sylvia C.P.M., CPIM, Sourcing Manager, Americas, Suominen Nonwovens

Wipes Conference

“The absolute best forum to attend if you are in the disposable wipes business.”

Barry Strauss, President & CEO Strauss Fibers

Altanta Conference

Floor wipes

 8:30 am –   5:00 pm


  9:00 am – 12:00 pm

New Developments & Additives

A Systematic Approach to New Wet Wipe Developments
Doug Cole, Director of Global Product Development, Rockline Industries
There are several approaches to developing a new wet wipe product with some leading to less than optimal results. A systematic, stepwise approach to new wet wipe development is a good practice to assure product compliance, acceptance and market success. These essential development steps encompass project planning, raw material selection, formulation development, line trials, product testing and documentation. Substrate, formulation and packaging must be developed in concert to achieve the desired product performance.

A Market Trend Overview and a Comprehensive Presentation of Environmentally Friendly Raw Materials and Concentrated Blends Used in Formulating Personal Care Wipes
Sam Naggiar, Marketing Manager, BASF Corporation
What are the emerging, growing and consolidated trends in personal care wipes? How do key drivers and future innovations impact the wipes industry? What role will natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly raw materials play in addressing the growing “GREEN” trend for wipes converters and consumers? Get the answers to these questions in this insightful presentation.

Novel Ingredients for Formulating Home Care and Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Wipes
Ashish Taneja, Technology Scouting & Innovation Scientist, BASF Corporation
What are the needs of the consumer, the formulation chemist and the wipe converter? Did you know that there are “ready to dilute” concentrated blends that make manufacturing easier? What about surface modification and biodegradable polymers that provide convenience claims? Attend this presentation to discover the answers to these questions and more.

10:30 am – 11:00 am

Coffee & Networking Network at WOW conference

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

World of Wipes Innovation Award™Presentations

Five products from the wipe value chain were selected by the Technical Advisory Board as unique, marketable and innovative. Learn more about the five finalists and then vote for the most innovative product.
12:00 pm –   2:00 pm

Lunch (on your own)

  1:30 pm –   2:00 pm

Coffee & Networking Network at WOW conference

  2:00 pm –   5:00 pm

Antimicrobial, Preservatives & Lifestyles

Antimicrobial Wipes: The Regulatory Challenges, Product Options, and Market Trends – An Overview
David Koehl, Global Strategic Marketing Manager – Hygiene & Preservation, Lonza Inc.
In recent years, the demand for antimicrobial wipes has experienced a robust growth. As regulated products, antimicrobial wipes can require significant investment and present complex challenges, but these can be overcome and the rewards can be significant. We will explore the hurdles, options and market trends associated with antimicrobial wipes today.

Fragrance Delivery and Malodor Counteraction Through Nonwovens
Kumar Vedantam, Ph.D., Vice President of Technology and Applications, Givaudan Fragrances Corporation
Nonwoven wipes occupy a special place in FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) as these wipes are neither rinse off nor leave on. They are a multipurpose vehicle for removal of malodor from surfaces, as well as depositing fragrance at the same time. The presentation will highlight recent developments in malodor counteraction and fragrance deposition through the wipes.

  3:00 pm –   3:30 pm

Coffee & Networking Network at WOW conference


Antimicrobial, Preservatives & Lifestyles (continued)

Personal Care Wipes: Microbiological Control in the Manufacturing Process
John Yablonski, President, Bio-Control Consultants, Inc.
In order to control microbial contamination in the wipe manufacturing process, it is necessary to have a complete understanding of the nature of the substrate raw materials, the requirements of the manufacturing environment, the complexity of the product system and the specialized equipment employed in the processing and packaging operations. This presentation will attempt to clarify some of the major issues and concerns related to this critical area of sanitary wet wipe production.

Challenges Faced by Preservatives in an International Market
Wolfgang Siegert, Technical Support Manager International, Schülke & Mayr GmbH
Formulators are aware of the necessity to preserve their products adequately in order to ensure product safety. This task is made much more difficult when legal and marketing requirements are added to the various factors influencing the preservative choice. This presentation will give an overview about accepted preservatives and their sustainable use. Additionally, expected legal changes and recent public discussion regarding preservatives will be summarized.

Global Lifestyle Trends and Their Impact on Preserving Wipes
Rocco Burgo, Chief Technology Officer, Inolex Chemical Company
Preservation of wet wipes is often thought of as strictly a technical or regulatory challenge. But at its core, how we preserve wet wipes is inseparable from the megatrends in society. Producers must now balance the traditional benefits of wet wipes, like speed, convenience, and hygiene, with the softer benefits associated with Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS.) We will describe how LOHAS has affected cosmetic preservation, various strategies used such as “hurdle technology,” and how this is expected to affect preservation of wipes into the future.

  5:00 pm –   7:00 pm

Table-top Displays & Reception Network at WOW conference

June 20
  8:00 am –   9:00 am

Networking Breakfast Network at WOW conference

Thank you BASF Corporation and Suominen Nonwovens for sponsoring the breakfast!


“The WOW conference is a great opportunity to meet with the entire supply chain of the nonwovens wipes industry.”

Bob Dale, VP Wipes and Filtration Segment, PGI

Altanta River

9:00 am - 11:00 am


  9:00 am – 11:30 am

Customers, Paradigms & Raw Materials

World of Wipes Innovation Award™ Presentation

Join us in congratulating the recipient of the World of Wipes Innovation Award.

The Art of Speaking the Customer’s Language
Sue Uner, Global Technical Innovation Manager – Functional Wipes, SCA Incontinence Care USA
An important aspect of selling your company and products is developing the right language to link your product with your customer’s and consumer’s needs. Come hear about the keys to developing product and marketing language to connect with customers and consumers as it relates to the varied world of wipes!

A New Paradigm in Wipes Substrates
Carl Cucuzza, Managing Partner, Teknoweb NA LLC Wipes
producers are continually seeking ways to improve their products while decreasing costs and increasing sustainability. Teknoweb’s new platform helps to achieve these goals through a patented process that moves substrate design flexibility down to the production plant level. The development of this substrate and technology are reviewed and various cost and operating models are presented.

Improving Cellulose-based Fibers in Disinfecting Wipes
Ryan P. Slopek, Ph.D., Research Chemical Engineer, Southern Regional Research Center-ARS, USDA
Many biocides exhibit a high level of surface adhesion to the cellulose fibers popular in wipe substrates. These adhered biocides are not effectively used yet remain in the wipe for disposal. Our research shows that adding small amounts of alcohol, nonionic surfactant, electrolytes, and/or small quaternary ammonium molecules to a formulation completely changes the situation. Surface adhesion of the biocide can be completely eliminated without affecting the final efficacy of the biocide solution.

Assessment of the Level of Microbial Contamination in Cotton and Synthetic Fibers Destined for the Use in Nonwoven Applications
Julie Clemmons, Account Executive – Strategic Initiatives, Cotton Incorporated
Bioload measurements are crucial for certain converter uses of nonwoven materials. The objective of this study was to measure the bioload on cotton and synthetic fibers, the roll good material produced and the effluent produced from the hydroentangling process. The study provided insight and potential guidelines that could be incorporated into a nonwoven processing line to ensure that specific sterility requirements are met for various converters in end-uses, such as hygiene and medical applications.

11:30 am

WOW Rewards

Stay and win! Stick around a few minutes after the close of WOW to see if you won a Jawbone® JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker!


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