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Want to know the key drivers of the wipes industry, now and for the years to come?
Then mark your calendar for The World of Wipes® (WOW). You'll learn all about industry game changers, specialty materials for industrial wipes, fragrances, wet wipe preservatives, flushability and more, from such presenting companies as Dow, Nielsen, Jacob Holm Industries, one or two of the nation's largest retailers, and many others.

Register today and connect face-to-face with hundreds of wipes professionals during informal coffee breaks, receptions, table top displays, breakfast, and the popular Dining with Thought Leaders.


Game Changers
Carman Allison, Vice President of Consumer Insights, Nielsen Canada

The key to your business' future lies in how it adapts to consumer diversity, polarization, and generational shifts. Enhance your understanding of wipes industry's game changers with examples of insightful foresight that can earn your space in the shopping cart.
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Specialty Materials for Industrial Wipes
Al Dietz, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Strategy & Business Development, Polymer Group, Inc.

Explore the industrial wipes category and why high-performance solutions have evolved to support the changing industrial manufacturing channel. You'll learn new trends in manufacturing innovation, which heightened customer needs are driving these manufacturing tasks, and which are the key qualities that differentiate wiping materials.
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World Of WipesFragrance in Consumer Products
Zahid Sharif
, Senior Project Manager, Rockline Industries, Inc.

Discover one of the keys to product success via fragrance and sensory connections. Strategic fragrance design differentiates products and builds an emotional connection and recognition between the consumer and the brand. Enhance your understanding of olfactive mapping and competitive gap analysis and learn fragrance's key role in product development and success.
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Challenges in Wet Wipe Preservatives

Dolores A. Shaw, Senior Microbiologist North America, Dow Chemical Company

Hear how to overcome the challenges of ensuring the microbiological quality of wet wipes as the industry moves toward "softer" and non-traditional preservation processes. Improve your understanding of the critical aspects of hygienic manufacturing and key elements of microbiological testing along with different microbial solutions.
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Novel Flushable Nonwoven Technology
Asaf Izraely, Vice President, R&D, Albaad Corporation

After four years of research and development, a new nonwoven technology for moist toilet paper products is months away from commercialization. Come and hear the approaches used and challenges encountered in the development phase, illustrating the complexity and risks involved with creating new technology.
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The Preservation Maze
Andress Johnson, Technical Manager, Personal Care & Household, THOR Specialties, Inc.

The selection of preservation systems is like negotiating a maze that includes NGO influences, retailor restrictions, public pressure, and global and regional regulations. Learn the current trends in preservation and the effect of these trends on the long-term safety of wet wipes and especially baby wipes. Take away the best approaches to preserve your wipes while balancing product safety
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