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IzraelyAsaf Izraely

VP R&D and Technologies, Albaad Corporation

Asaf Izraely is a business oriented multidisciplinary technological leader. Before joining Albaad in 2011 Asaf lead new technology developments and implementations in the fields of Medical devices and instruments, pharmaceuticals, Automotive industry and Military systems in his former R&D and Engineering positions at Ethicon J&J, Omrix, Teva pharmaceuticals and Israel Defense Force.

Albaad corporate includes 8 manufacturing plants for nonwovens, wipes converting, tampons, pads and absorbency incontinence located in Israel, US, Germany and Poland (-1700 employees). Albaad develops, manufacture and supply products to the world's leading international retail chains and brands companies as well as local customers in Europe, US, South America, Israel and Eastern Europe.

In his role as Vice President of Research and Development Asaf plans and controls New Product Development activities across the corporate and leads the company's Technology oriented Business Development. His areas of responsibilities include Intellectual Property, Regulation, Technical Support to Operations and Sales, Innovation Management, Knowledge Management and Products Strategy.

As Albaad is an innovative organization with divers expertise Asaf is leading several innovation and new technologies projects in various aspects of Albaad's product portfolio from nonwovens technologies through FemHy, Inco, wet wipes formulations, converting and packaging.

Since 2011 Asaf has been a member of EDANA Flushability Task Force and took active part in the development and promotion of EDANA/INDA Flushability Guideline 3rd addition (GD3). Today, a member of INDA's GD4 committee, ISO Israeli mirror committee and a leader of the Flushability regularization in Israel

Thursday 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Substrates: Profit Improving Technologies (continued)

Novel Flushable NW Technology – from Idea to technology

After four years of R&D developments, a new nonwoven technology for moist toilet paper products is months away from commercialization. Come and hear the approaches used and challenges encountered in the development phase illustrating the complexity and risks involved with creating new technology.