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PaschkaMichael Paschka, PE

Engineer, The Procter & Gamble Co.

Michael Paschka is a scientist/engineer in Procter and Gamble's Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Organization and is currently working in the area of the environmental compatibility of products with wastewater infrastructure.  Michael is a member of the Drafting Committee currently working on the Fourth Edition of the INDA Flushability Guidelines, and is also serving as a Subject Matter Expert in the United States Technical Advisory Group in International Standards Organization Technical Committee 224, Working Group 10, which is in the process of developing a Technical Specification for Flushable Products.

Prior to working in the area of flushability, Michael worked for nine years as an environmental engineer in the areas of environmental risk assessment and management, fate and transport of chemical contaminants in the subsurface, environmental compliance of industrial wastewater treatment systems, and remediation system design in both industry and environmental consulting.

Michael is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Ohio and holds Degrees in Environmental Engineering (Master's) and Civil Engineering (Bachelor's) from Carnegie Mellon University.


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