WOW Speaker Listing - Sysler

SyslerMark Sysler

Business Manager And VP Of Sales, Bio-Botanica

Mark Sysler has been in the Natural Products industry since 1996 with major emphasis on raw material sales to key multinational accounts. Mr. Sysler has been in key sales positions for the last 35 years. As the VP Sales for Bio-Botanica, he is responsible for the direction and management of sales and business development including market competitiveness, pricing, compensation, distribution and channel strategy. The VP Sales drives the company's achievement of the customer acquisition and revenue goals. He has an extensive knowledge in raw material application in both nutraceutical and personal care industries. He has been at his current company for 9 years.

Wednesday 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm
Lotions & Potions: Fragrances and Preservatives

Natural Ingredient's Role in Today's Consumer Products

Consumers are more than ever interested in products that provide a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. They want to know the ingredients in the products they purchase are safe and effective. As a result, products are using less synthetic and petroleum based ingredients and looking for all natural ingredients to do the same job. The use of natural preservatives and botanical ingredients are gaining momentum in fulfilling this need. We will explore the various ingredients and benefits that are available for the wipes industry.