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President & Chief Executive Officer, Butterfly Health, Inc.

Ms. Brezoczky is the CEO and Founder of Butterfly Health, Inc. a little company with a big mission, dedicated to addressing an unmet mature health need for millions of active people over 40 called accidental bowel leakage. She is a health advocate for ABL, co-authoring two recent peer reviewed papers in the International Journal of Clinical Practice on the topic around mature women's health.

Kelly brings over twenty years of experience, beginning with Proctor &Gamble. In fact, it was her roots at P&G that she returned to when she invited two former P&G executives, Karl and Elizabeth Ronn, to join her and her husband, Thomas, as co-founders in Butterfly Health. Together the team has past experience launching giant global market brands such as Always, Oil of Olay, Swiffer, Febreze and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Ms. Brezoczky's business experience, her founding team and her passion for this important unmet need has attracted over $20 million dollars in capital investment from Canaan Partners, Invus Financial Advisors and City National Bank. The team's patented, innovative Butterfly Body Liners won the prestigious INDA Visionary Award® in 2014.

In January 2014, Butterfly Body Liners were launched nationally in Target stores.

Ms. Brezoczky proudly partners with a world‐class manufacturer in Wisconsin to ensure the Butterfly Health innovation is an American job creator.

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A New Category Meets Unmet Needs

Learn what drives this consumer insight and health innovation expert (and CEO and Founder of a new product and category) to meet the unmet mature health needs for millions of active people over 40 called accidental bowel leakage (ABL). Hear what products and educational components still need to be addressed; where innovation and education meet; and how to start a change in the conversation.