Mohammad Hassan, PhD

Nonwovens & Polymer Scientist, Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation

Mohammad Hassan received his BSc degree in 2002 and his MSc degree in 2007, both in Chemical Engineering from Cairo University. In 2008, He joined North Carolina State University to pursue his PhD degree and in 2013 he graduated with PhD degree in Chemical Engineering in addition to a Graduate Certificate in Nonwovens Science and Technology. After Graduation, He joined Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation in 2013 as a nonwoven scientist to develop and implement new products, processes, materials and technology concepts. Dr. Hassan has around 10 peer reviewed papers and conference proceedings besides 6 pending patents in the area of nonwovens science and technology.

Wednesday 2:00pm - 4:30pm
Spunmelt Advancements Session

Advanced Filter Media Structures Using Biax Spunblown Fiber Technology

Abstract: Spunblown Technology is a unique practice of meltblowing technology developed by Biax Fiberfilm. You could say it is a hybrid process bridging the gap between the conventional meltblowing and spunbonding processes. Spunblowing process has a multi-row spinnerette similar to the spunbonding technology but the filaments are attenuated at the nozzles tip using high speed hot/cold air. In this revealing presentation, there will be a comparison between spunmelt technologies demonstrating the capabilities of each one. You will also see how the fiber sizes and their distribution can affect filtration properties. Hybrid structures of meltblown fibers using in-situ commingling process will be demonstrated and their effect on filtration performance will be discussed.