ZervosHarry Zervos, Ph.D.

Principal Analyst, IDTechEx

Harry Zervos, PhD , is a Principal Analyst at IDTechEx. Harry received his degree in physics from the University of Athens, Greece, and went on to study materials science at Cranfield University, where he received his PhD on the topic of precision manufacturing of optics. He is currently involved with in-depth analysis of the technologies and markets for flexible electronics with a specific interest in displays & lighting and leads the research effort on energy harvesting and storage, looking into a variety of verticals, ranging from portable applications all the way to building, industrial and vehicle integration. Harry also studies the innovation impact of overarching trends such as the Internet of Things and People and shifting manufacturing paradigms such as 3D printing.

Tuesday 9:00am - 12:00pm
An Eye on the Horizon Session

Textile Integration of Electronic Functionality: Market Forecasts for the Next Decade

Abstract: IDTechEx Principal Analyst Harry Zervos will be discussing latest developments in wearable, textile electronics. With a wide range of products, from glasses and other headgear to arm, wrist, leg and footwear, skin patches and even jewelry, the device business is already large, at over $14 billion in 2014. It also has the largest number of big brands involved, such as Apple, Accenture, Adidas, Fujitsu, Nike, Philips, Reebock, Samsung, SAP and Roche behind the most promising new developments. However, truly disruptive new technology, in the form of e-textiles, will also begin to establish major sales in a few years' time and fashion, industrial, commercial and military applications will burgeon as a consequence. The topics covered will be relating to textile/stretchable wearable electronics technology developments, major trends and potential adopters, roadmaps for product commercialization and growth forecasts for the next decade.